Looks different around here.

Here’s where I let out a big sigh.

The time has come for me to watermark all of PDA. I never wanted to do this but better late than never. Finding counterfeit products with my artwork and talking to angry, defensive, law breaking people is not my idea of a good time.

From now on, all images on PDA (old and new) will contain my watermark to prevent people from cropping, stealing, printing or illegally distributing my art. While I am aware that much of it has probably been downloaded and re-uploaded countless numbers of times, I just want to make sure that from now on, PDA is protected.

I was against watermarking because I wanted the comic to be enjoyed without something marring the illustration. However, I’ve been so disappointed by so many people and I don’t have time to continually file complaints. So, I hope you understand my point of view. I will continue on into 2015 with optimism and will continue to love PDA and pole dancing! Thanks for your support. I create PDA with lots of time and energy so you should understand my need for this.

Of course, if you’d like to enjoy PDA w/out the watermark, consider buying the book, becoming a patron on Patreon or picking up prints from my online store. xoxo

Leen Isabel​





Break time!

Happy Holidays, everyone! Thank you so much again for an amazing year with Pole Dancing Adventures. I’m going to take a break for the rest of the month to decompress, work on other projects and reconnect with my loved ones. I’ll see you in 2015 and we’ll start the year strong! Keep pole dancing!


A PDA x Tilt Collaboration!
Photographers: A.A. Jones & Leen Isabel
Editing: Leen Isabel
Shot at: Tilt Studios
http://tiltdiary.wordpress.com | http://www.poledancingadventures.com


Pole Silks Photoshoot #1

My favorite part of pole dancing is the chance to be creative with your pole family. On Monday, I did a photo shoot with author and pole dancer, A. A. Jones. Holy crap! We had a BLAST creating this Hollywood-glamour-esque shoot together. It almost seems like we’re floaty creatures from another world, doesn’t it? There will be more photo shoots like this in the future! xoxo


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