Songs to Pole Classy By

What is classical music if not the epitome of sensuality, passion, and understated erotica that popular music, even with all of its energy and life, cannot even begin to touch?

- Lara St. John

In the car while driving to work, I’m like any other pole dancer mentally posing and dancing to the music. However, lately I’ve grown tired of trendy pop music. In the 20 minutes it takes for me to get to work, I’ve grown exhausted from dance beats and a non-stop barrage of pop-singers telling me to party, take shots and have sex at nightclubs. Ugggh~~ It’s 8:30 a.m. Get off my radio, Ryan Seacrest.

So, I find myself switching to a classical music station. Fortunately in Los Angeles, we have the wonderful KMozart where I’m always pleasantly surprised to find music my mind can dance to. Because really, what is pole dancing if not a bit of ballet, jazz and contemporary dance?

Pin Up Girl, Upright Bass - Photography by Gary Heller

Pin Up Girl, Upright Bass – Photography by Gary Heller

After a Dvořák inspired pole-dance run tried-and-true, I made the curious choice to create my TOP 10 LIST: SONGS TO POLE CLASSY BY. Continue reading


The Mid Year Review – July Blog Hop

July 2014 Blog Hop

Check out the PDBA July Blog Hop HERE

I ran.

Yup! That’s all. I wish I could have told you about some incredible, 10-step pole combo or some fantastic pose that only a small percentage of gifted pole dancers can do but such is not the case for me. And honestly, it was the wisest, most wonderful decision I have ever made for my body.

Earlier in the year, around February, I became frustrated. Poses weren’t landing and after a few tries, I found myself out of breath far sooner than I expected. And the worst of all, running through a freestyle session wasn’t as passionate as I wanted it to be.

They were just exhausting.

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Only a few hours left to pre-order the Pole Dancing Adventures book!

Hi everyone!

I just rolled back into town from San Diego Comic Con at 12:30 a.m.  It’s about 1:30 a.m. now and I wanted to write this up real quick before crashing.

We held the second year for the San Diego Comic Con PDA Pop-Up Shop at Fun Pole Fitness of San Diego! We had a fantastic open pole session together. xoxo Love these gals!

We held the second year for the San Diego Comic Con PDA Pop-Up Shop at Fun Pole Fitness of San Diego! We had a fantastic open pole session together. xoxo Love these gals!


Thank you SO much for your support and for putting up with my social media blasts for the past 42 days. It’s been an exciting run and we only have a few hours left to go.

If you weren’t sure about grabbing your copy now, be assured that you will not only get the book, but all of the backer rewards and unlocked posters as well. What a bargain, right? So, get your Pole Dancing Adventures book now before it’s too late! (And before the Kickstarter stock runs out!) Go to bitly.com/pdabook

Pole Dancing Adventures Comic Book Kickstarter!

Side note, I added two new reward tiers where you can get a tote bag or mug with your book pre-order. Go check it out.

Again, thank you for helping me reach this goal. It’s a dream to create a comic that excites so many people AND is about a huge passion of mine.  You’re all so wonderful! (And since you’re wonderful, you’ll forgive me for not having a comic ready today. The convention sucks the energy RIGHT out of ya! I will post something late this week. xoxo)

For now, please give the campaign one last boost! Share away, tell your friends, get a copy as a gift or grab one for yourself! Let’s finish strong!


BONUS VIDEO! I jumped off a 25 foot high ledge at the “Leap of Faith” attraction for the Assassin’s Creed Unity promotion. My assassin’s creed skills are up to par with my epic shoe flinging skills. Though, I don’t know why my cellphone turned this into an uber-fast, mouse-squeaky video. Oh well!  Ubisoft and Tempest Academy put on a great show! This was SO MUCH FUN!


Kickstarter and Comic Con Update

Hi everyone! Just a few updates. It’s a busy week! We’re entering the LAST WEEK for the Pole Dancing Adventures Book Kickstarter campaign and I’m prepping for Comic Con. I’ve got a few commissions and orders to get through so I’ll make it quick!

7 DAYS LEFT TO PRE-ORDER your copy of Pole Dancing Adventures: Volume One and get free rewards with your pledge!

Pole Dancing Adventures Comic Book Kickstarter!

On the fence about getting the book now? Starting at $25, you will not only get the physical book when we’re funded but you’ll also get free backer rewards! (And shipping is included in the price for U.S. residents.) After the Kickstarter ends, the book will be sold at retail price without the free goodies. So why not jump on this great deal now? We have 7 days left and we’re at 80%! We’re getting very close to the goal! <3 https://bitly.com/pdabook


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Did you get your daily entry in for the Kickstarter giveaway? THREE lucky winners will get a book, a tank top, a tote bag and a sticker set! If you have already pre-ordered the book, you have more chances to win! Enter here: http://tinyurl.com/puqly38

San Diego Comic Con 2014

Going to the biggest comic convention in the United States? Come find me!
I’ll be with my lovely female artist collective Girls Drawin’ Girls at BOOTH 5628

Friday, July 25th 9am -11am
Saturday, July 26th 4pm-7p.m

ALSO come by Chuck Jones Gallery Thursday from 7-10 p.m. for a fun art show & party w/ Girls Drawin’ Girls. I’ll see you there. RSVP at the gallery is required.

Chuck Jones Gallery
232 Fifth Avenue
San Diego, CA 92101
(across the street from the Hard Rock Hotel)