Lotions for Pole Dancers

When it comes to pole dancing, we have to be very careful with how we moisturize. Using the wrong kinds can keep us from sticking to the pole and worse, causing injury when our bodies are too slippery.

Luckily, there are good options out there that have been tested by fellow dancers that will help keep you smooth … and sticky. Here are a few!

Pole Physics
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The manufacturer describes it as “No-slick non-slip body lotion Scientifically engineered no-slick formula for superior pole performance, because healthy skin grips better … naturally! NO Mineral oils NO SLS NO Propylene Glycol NO Silicones or silicone derivatives NO Parabens NO Petrochemicals NO Artificial fragrances or colours NO Animal Testing Certified organic extracts to visibly tone the appearance of your skin.”

Corn Huskers Oil-Free Hand Lotion
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I’ve heard this one is fast absorbing and doesn’t leave a sticky feeling on your skin! The description reads, “gives immediate dry skin relief, dries very fast, and does not leave a sticky / greasy feeling. Do your hands become dry easily while at work? Cornhusker lotion is an instant moisturizer for your hands that allows you to return to work quickly. More like a gel than a lotion, Corn Husker’s lotion works great on dry hands. There are many products out there but nothing works better than Corn Husker lotion to keep your feet soft and callous free for such a small price.”

Vaseline Total Moisture Lotion
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I’ve heard pole dancers swear up and down over this lotion by Vaseline! “For best results put it on a few hours before poling. Wash it off your hands. Play around with the amount that works for you.” – Diana Renee Boyle Owner of Embody pole fitness


For the record, I have pretty sensitive skin so I haven’t tried any of these brands. I’m careful to plan my moisturizing days around my classes so that I’m not putting on lotion the night before.

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Mad Props – Freedance Movement Lab at The Vertitude


The pole may our favorite dance partner, but sometimes it’s fun to spice things up with PROPS!

I was inspired when I met and danced with an amazing crew of women at The Vertitude this past weekend. The “Freedance Movement Lab” was the brain-child of Danielle of Poleitical.com and she and three amazing instructors from the Vertitude (Iris, Dru and Tiffany) created a two-day, eight hour workshop focusing solely on free dance. During this intensive weekend-long workshop, we were given a safe place to explore our own individual pole flows through various dance games.

While each session was fantastic, one of my favorites was when Tiffany Jane introduced the idea of using props with our pole dancing. We were welcome to use our it to explore new floorwork and/or incorporate the pole into our free dance. I found this added element opened me up to so much more creativity! Since I was using my hands (and feet and torso) to keep the prop “alive” in my dance, I was instantly aware of the challenge I faced when I interacted with the pole. For example, think of how hard it might be to hold onto a ball while climbing and inverting. It forced me to get creative on the fly. It was weird, exhilarating and fun.

I dedicate today’s comic to this exercise that I found joy in. With or without a prop, I hope it will encourage you to try free-dancing too to see what shapes and flows you can create. Don’t be afraid to tap into your weird side because you might find something you love to do over and over again!

Thank you for a wonderful weekend, Verties!
The comic features three amazing dancers from the workshop – Iris, Tara Dee and Aerial Amy!

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Nerd Panties You Can Pole In

Every poler needs a wardrobe refresher. As a geek girl, I like to wear my heart on my sleeve and a little digging on Etsy brought up this fun round-up of geek inspired, pole-dance friendly bottoms.


For the confident poler: “Oh, my Glob! Yes! I’m gonna be so hot! So freakin’ hot!” Love those lumps in Lumpy Space Princess inspired panties! That princess is so ridiculously sassy and definitely knows how to be the center of attention.


For the funny girl: Harley Quinn from Batman is naughty little jokester and a master gymnast. Sound like anyone you know from class? Maybe these would be perfect for her!


For days when you’re feeling powerful! Maaaan, when I played Zelda and those hearts were full, I was a DAMN reckless player! Something about seeing so many full hearts made me want to go all in. Hackin’ bushes, takin’ jewels and savin’ the princess.


For the one in command! Nerdy teacher? How about some “yellow shirt” panties? Let everyone know who is the captain of the ship! “There’s only one kind of woman…or man, for that matter. You either believe in yourself or you don’t.” — Kirk in ‘Mudd’s Women’


For the pole hog – We all know that person who will only use ONE pole at the studio and no others. You know who you are.


Looks different around here.

Here’s where I let out a big sigh.

The time has come for me to watermark all of PDA. I never wanted to do this but better late than never. Finding counterfeit products with my artwork and talking to angry, defensive, law breaking people is not my idea of a good time.

From now on, all images on PDA (old and new) will contain my watermark to prevent people from cropping, stealing, printing or illegally distributing my art. While I am aware that much of it has probably been downloaded and re-uploaded countless numbers of times, I just want to make sure that from now on, PDA is protected.

I was against watermarking because I wanted the comic to be enjoyed without something marring the illustration. However, I’ve been so disappointed by so many people and I don’t have time to continually file complaints. So, I hope you understand my point of view. I will continue on into 2015 with optimism and will continue to love PDA and pole dancing! Thanks for your support. I create PDA with lots of time and energy so you should understand my need for this.

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