PDA’s First Giveaway!

I’m holding a PDA Giveaway! This is the first contest I’ve ever done but I’m sure I’ll be doing more in the future. Because contests are fun!!!!

I have 3 PDA Prize Packs to give away!

ANNOUNCING WINNERS! Congratulations!
The winners will get one of the Prize Packs below. Winner was selected using a Random Number Generator. No substitutions. Janet_Lin and Catd74 will need to email me or contact me through Facebook to claim their prize.

Comment #20 LabMuffin – one PDA Button Pack AND print of your choice!
Comment #40 Janet_Lin – oneΒ PDA Button Pack!
Comment #54 Catd74 – one PDA Print of your choice!

    How To Enter:

    Want extra entries?

    • Just post about this giveaway on your facebook, twitter, blog, tumblr, pinterest, etc.
    • Then leave a SEPARATE comment with a link to each place you mentioned it!

    This Giveaway is open to everyone everywhere! Contest closes on July 4th, 2012. Winners will be picked (using random number generator) and contacted via email. GOOD LUCK!!!

    If a winner is chosen and does not respond in a timely manner, I have the right to select another winner. Each randomly chosen winner will receive a prize at my choosing and no exchanges to a different prize pack are allowed.

    56 thoughts on “PDA’s First Giveaway!

    1. What a wonderful idea! I really enjoy Pole Dancing Adventure as it combines Art and Pole Dace, two of my favourite things. Keep it up πŸ™‚ –>also liked on facebook πŸ™‚

    2. I enjoy reading Pole Dancing Adventures because it isn’t like any other pole dancing blog. I really like the way you use your art to express pole dancing and the pictures are so fun and cute.

    3. I love Pole Dancing Adventures because it’s honest and funny and amazing. I love how it shows that pole dance is for everyone: geeks, artists, anyone! It makes me feel less weird. And I also love it because it is such a great way to spread the pole love in a different manner.

    4. The number and volume of giggles you’ve produced is amazing. So much of it is “Hey! That’s exactly me! zomg I even make that face! >.< Someday I'll be able to let go of that last hand!" And I get to take a bit of pride in my self inflicted bruises because I'm not actually weird and alone in this awesome fun thing we do. =^.^=

    5. I love looking at your website because the drawings are excellent, quality wise and pole wise! You capture exactly what we live! I even posted one of your drawing on the pole party event I’ve organized and shared it on our studio’s page! They all love it!

    6. I really like PDA because it combines the beauty of pole with a little bit of funny and sassiness. It also helps to mirror the feelings I have sometimes about pole in a very creative way =) Thank you!

    7. I love pda because the girl in the drawings could be me lol The first one I saw was the one with all the bruises and twisted arms, and that was right after I finished my intructor training evaluation (which I passed yay) and I was exactly like that haha. And the girl clinging to the pole while fantasizing about great moves… thats me too πŸ™‚ I love them all.

    8. I love the PDA because they quote what I’ve said and done and felt pole dancing. I love pole dancing so much I became a instructor and the one with the cat is so my house hold my three cats can be no where to be found or seen never fails as soon as I am upside down or on the pole I look down and three fuzzy faces are all sitting right beneath me blinking with the look of what ya doin. Thank you for the Blog and giving us all some giggles at how bruised up we are lol

    9. I love PDA because it’s a new take on pole blogging, and it has a strong visual aspect besides photos and videos. I am a really visual person and I love art and design, so this is great! I really look forward to new posts and I am reassured that I’m not the only one struggling when I see the trix posts.

    10. I love PDA because it’s a fun blog about pole dancing that says everything that it needs to say with a few well drawn comics. It’s fantastically funny, honest about real pole situations, and the kind of blog you want to tell your friends about!

    11. I love Pole Dancing Adventures so much… Leen Isabel’s drawings got the essence of pole dancing, in a pretty, funny and creative way. I share her work with our pole friends in FitPoling Panama. In our studio, all the girls love her comics… We all have had those feelings expressed in the drawings. I believe that is why this PDA Blog is so popular and amazing, everybody can identify themselves in more than one cartoon. I have been looking for something like this for so long, and I am extremely happy that I found Leen Isabel’s work here… Thanks Leen for sharing your talent and make us smile while struggling with our pole figures… πŸ˜€

    12. This blog has got to be the most accurate portrayal of a pole dancer’s journey that I have ever seen!!! I have been the girl in every illustration (especially that “butt up not-so-superman” as my instructors can attest to!) I look forward to it every week!

    13. I love reading and seeing your whimsical illustrations, they are so dead on. Each ones brings a smile to my face, keep them coming I wouldnt know what to do without them.

    14. I love PDA because it combines comics and pole dancing, and I feel like I’ve shared each of the experiences you’ve drawn…except for actually nailing my superman yet πŸ™‚

    15. I recently discovered your comic. I love it! I have been poling for a year and identify so much with each one. I am constantly bruised. I still want to conquer spinny pole and Superman. I also zone out while my husband is talking, thinking about pole. I also start to see every acrobat as being a pole athlete! Keep up the great work!

    16. Reading PDA is like talking to a pole mate and sharing our pole fears and disapointments, our accomplishmentes and achievments, and above all the love for the art of pole, and how well it makes us feel both as human beings and women. I simply relate and I love it! And I’m slowling coming out of the closet about my pole practice! πŸ™‚

    17. Yeah! That is such a cool idea! I love PDA because your images are soooo amazing! I’m always so excited when I see that there is a new post from you πŸ™‚
      And sometimes I have the same problems that you show on your images, like the spinning pole dizzyness or the exotic or not picture! I so love your work here.

    18. I love all the the relateable topics and situations that show on PDA! It always brings a smile to my face! There aren’t many things out there for polers to enjoy, so I am SO glad that I came across it one day!! The drawings are too cute, and they remind me of myself too πŸ™‚

    19. I love PDA as it is so relateable, it accurately describes the journey we take to achieving our goals and, the laughs of trying out a new move and how I felt getting new move for the first time. I have only had a few lessons as being in Dubai its a bit hard but soo going to get a pole to improve and reach my goals and PDA give me more incentive to do so.
      Thank you for your amazing posts and images! πŸ™‚
      I (https://www.facebook.com/hibs.q) have liked your Facebook page.

    20. Love that I found this blog! Find myself looking for new comics each day about exactly how I feel. It’s addictive taking pole fitness. Total body fatigue after each class. After my muscles have recovered I want more! Thank you and, happy 4 th of July! Way to go PDA

    21. I enjoy reading it because you portrait so well the daily dilemas we all pass during and after pole classes. It’s fun to see how everyone really got to those points! haha

    22. I love your cute comics and seeing myself reflected in them, from the silly fears to the triumphs when nailing a move. πŸ™‚ Please keep making more!

    23. I love PDA because I can relate to all your experiences. How the poses are supposed to look, and how you actually get stuck in the learning process! So real, so cute, so funny!

    24. I love this because no matter which one i come across it always brings a smile to my face, inspires me on the pole, and generally makes me giggle the rest of the day

    25. WOW just found you and on the last day of the comp, what can I say love it, love it and some more. Will be an avid fan from now on. I have liked and shared your page.

    26. I love these illustrations because nom atter how frutsrated I can get when not being able to certain moves, your illustartions remind me to have fun and enjoy the sport. This always brings a smile to my face and reminds me why I got into the industry in the first place. Focus on the achievements not the failures.

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