Vertical Swag Wrist Wrap Giveaway!

I love Vertical Swag! I’ve been using my wrist wraps since the 2012 Pole Convention where I met Shannon, the creator of these products. Since I type all day, draw all day and pole all night, it’s no surprise that my wrist takes a beating. These wraps are cute to wear and has helped me so much in pole class! They give me enough support and over time, I’ve felt relief in my wrist joints with constant wear.

FOUR LUCKY WINNERS will win a pair of Vertical Swag’s Wrist Wraps!

See how to enter below. This contest is open to everyone! Terms and Conditions are also below.

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Each bundle has two long lengths of fabric which tapers at one end and has a tie. You wrap it around your wrist from the larger end and then loop the tie around itself (as shown in photo above). To tighten, you grip the wrap in your opposite hand and twist it around your wrist until you feel the pressure around your joints. To loosen, grip and twist it in the other direction. (Think of giving yourself an “Indian burn.” That’s the way I think of it. haha!)

Raffle ends 09/18/2012 at midnight. 

20 thoughts on “Vertical Swag Wrist Wrap Giveaway!

  1. My only tip for avoiding injury is to really just listen to your body. If you can feel you’re starting to over-do it’s better to take a break and continue tomorrow than to push on and risk hurting yourself!


  2. As far as avoiding injury, I’ve definitely had issues with my wrists and hands locking up when I’ve been poling a lot! My solution is to always take the time to “rub” out any cramps while in class – I use the pole itself as a hard surface to help me massage my forearms and get blood flowing again. I’ve also started cross training through taking Lyra classes, and it’s really helped with my grip issues!

  3. I agree about listening to your body. There is a noticeable difference between being sore from a good workout and pushing yourself too far/an injury. When it’s the latter, stop before you really hurt yourself. And always make sure to warm up.

  4. my big issue right now is my stupid elbows… I have a horrible tendency to hyper-extend my arm on my weak side (SHOCKING! it’s my left!!!).

    Bigger issue is that, years ago, i actually broke both my arms (at the same time. Yes. I’m /THAT/ talented!) and sometimes the muscles there are just /weak/. Especially in bracket holds. Sometimes (seems to vary with the weather /and/ how my elbow is feeling!) I can’t even attempt it…

    I wonder if these will work for me.
    Thanks for the insight!

  5. Hi, I really appreciate the wrist wraps. They help to prevent injury as they remind us to pay attention to the area. It is the same concept that applies with any support/structure system in place whether for the knee, ankle etc… I bought 3 pair with 2 for myself to keep one at home and one in the car for the studios. The other pair I bought as a birthday gift for my friend and she also enjoys using the wrist wraps. So my advice of course concurs with the other posters in listening to your body and that I want to add to give your wrists a much needed “hug” with these wraps. Heidi

  6. I have a lot of wrist issues as well (I’m an artist too!). When I feel my wrists getting sore, I work on moves that don’t put as much pressure on them. I also force myself to take days off and do other activities that will help my pole instead. Cross training can be a beautiful thing. Depending on what you do, it won’t put as much strain on certain parts of your body that pole might, but it will still help you get better!
    Stretching is also really important, even and especially for your wrists. I do wrist stretches every day. This is one of my favorite wrist stretching videos:

  7. To avoid injury listen to your instructor and do not rush things! Also wrist wraps might help 😀
    Also liquid/spray ice is REALLY good for preventing bruises! I have a huge problem with those and tend to look like a victim of a domestic abuse, but it is much better when I just spray my leg after I hit the pole or just have the feeling that I might get a bruise somewhere. This is not really preventing anything from happening but it helps a lot

    Monika (pana.cotta at

  8. My Pole Dance Teacher said that we should use sweat bands for the wrists but they don’t look so nice aaaand their to hot for the summer so I would love a pair of these 🙂

  9. I am really excited about these. I have been meaning to pick up a set and am kind of hoping she is here in Vegas for Expo. I feel like proper warm up and stretching after are very important for avoiding injury. I’m actually about to write a blog about how stretching is NOT a warm up. 🙂

    • I was in Vegas 🙂 but it was last minute that I decided to go :(. I had brought a few with me but those sold fast. I am loving the positive response they are getting!!

      I love these so much and really believe in them because I use them! I have carpal tunnel and found these really helped me keep the pain away while I worked out and poled. Having shooting pain up your forearms and in your wrists is not fun and all the stretching in the world can’t fix what I have and I want to avoid surgery. They stop pole wrist burn plus they are super cute!! 😉

  10. stretch stretch stretch! before, after, and hell, during if you feel tight! and i too have been doing lyra, and aerial silks to improve my grip. a great (albeit weird) tip for those suffering at night, if you sleep with a bar of dial soap, it eases the aches that can come from overuse/arthritis. I thought it was crazy but was willing to try it, and lo and behold – it worked!

  11. Hydrate before working out, warm up and stretching. Know your limits and if you are having a “slippery” day, respect your body and don’t attempt things that could be harmful. If you’re just not sticking to the pole, don’t feel pressured to practice.

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