Keep Calm and Pole Dance – A Poleitical Clothing Giveaway!

The lovely Danielle of Poleitical Blog and her colleague, Courtney Rheuban are back again with another Poleitical Clothing giveaway!

One lucky winner will recieve:
1 – Poleitical Clothing Sweatshirt
1 – Poleitical Clothing Shorts

Each article of clothing features the witty phrase: “Keep Calm and Pole Dance!” This contest is open to international entries, so everyone is included! 😀

Contest ends at 12:01 a.m. on 2/18/13

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The sweatshirt has a wide neck, allowing for a little bit of sexy skin showing through. You can take it a little off the shoulder, or have it as more of a scoop neck – either way, it’s flattering! It’s slightly fitted, making it even cuter! With a kangaroo pocket to keep your hands warm and raw edges on the pocket & the neckline, this sweatshirt has all the right details to make it a favorite!
The shorts are made from breathable, very stretchy cotton with a tiny bit of spandex, these shorts move with you, enabling you to rock your hottest trick while still providing excellent coverage. They’re machine washable, too!
With built-in side scrunch panels and an easy-slide release, you have the option of keeping your shorts more modest or making them a little bit cheeky! Our logo appears on the front left side, and the KEEP CALM artwork is on the back of your right hip/cheek. Photos show our shorts with and without scrunched sides, as well as close ups of all of the printed artwork and the scrunches!

Please note: The sizing available for the sweatshirts is S-XL, and the shorts are XS-XL. Top range would be a size 12-14.
Poleitical Clothing does not offer Men’s sizes at this time but will be expanding their line to accomodate these sizes in the future. Our apologies for any inconvenience.
Winner will be notified after giveaway closes to choose their size from what is currently offered.
US and International entries are OK! Please allow up to 2 weeks before shipment to allow for preparation time.
Contest ends at 12:01 a.m. on 2/18/13.

27 thoughts on “Keep Calm and Pole Dance – A Poleitical Clothing Giveaway!

  1. The fitness beneffits it has and the fact that I’m so passionate about it because it’s just sooo beautiful!! And it’s also really helped my ability to improvise =)

  2. Pole Fitness changed my body and the way I feel about myself, thats why I feel proud to post my pole moves on my intagram page. I try everyday to keep improving on my pole tricks that when I achieve one is just the best feeling in the world. Pole Dance gave me happiness 😀

  3. Poledancing is hard work. It take a lot of strength and physical fitness. On a similar note, it takes a get deal of confidence to be able to get on stage and show off not only your skills, but your body. I am just an amateur, learning as a hobby, but I have watched in person, and it truly is an art form. It is a great way to feel sexy!

  4. Pole dancing makes me feel like a woman. I get to appreciate my curves, my body, my feelings. When I’m dancing, I’m proud of what my body can do, I’m proud of the way I can let go and feel the music, and I’m proud of myself for taking the risk in doing something that’s not widely accepted. I’m a more confident person when I’ve been dancing. If I take a break from it, I notice a difference and so do those around me.

  5. Why am I proud to be a pole dancer…Being able to build confidence in myself, no matter how big or small I am. Knowing being a women and a pole dancer is sexy and empowering. I can’t imagine not having pole in my life!

  6. would absolutely love to win this prize, i’m finally able to nearly beat male friends at arm wrestling matches! and the confidence it has given me is amazing! would love to wear that kit to class! 🙂

  7. Pole dancing has not only changed my body, it has changed me in general. I love the fact that pole dancing has made me more confident, stronger and more flexible, as well as more determined, more resilient.

  8. Pole dancing has not only made me physically stronger, it’s also increased my confidence 🙂 Now I walk with my head high, shoulders back and feel on top of the world! (unless I’ve trained really hard the day before… then I usually walk with a little limp, but still with shoulders back)

  9. I used to feel that my identity as a woman was a weakness and I spent most of my life trying to hide it. It was not until I started Pole Dancing that I have gained an understanding,and acceptance of my identity, both mental and physical. I am happy to say that I am proud to be a woman! Thank you pole!

  10. Pole dancing has made me more confident and less self conscious. I love learning new moves, feeling sexy, and letting go. I am about to perform my first solo performance ever at my studio’s grand opening, and having the courage to finally do so is making me super proud of myself!

  11. Everytime I try a new move I think: Can I really do it? Every move needs a different time of practice but you can learn them if you keep practising. And everytime I did it I am very proud 🙂

  12. Pole dance “just” learnt me that if I work hard I will the results I’m wishing for, that my boundaries are flexible and I can push them and when I do that I can push them one more time. And again and again and again. It learnt me to like sport and to be less shy and be proud to be girly girl.
    And it shows me that it applies not just at pole dancing, but in every aspect of my life.

  13. OMG…so I have been entering this giveaway since day one and today my son told me that I was doing it all wrong….I wasn’t pasting the like to confirm that I was posting and sharing…I was just naming the site that I posted on!! Grrrrr…ohhh well, now I know for next time 🙂

  14. Thanks for the great giveaway! I’m proud that pole dancing is not really what it is and it’s not an easy sport and requires so much strength and determination!

    I love pole! 🙂

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