PDA Birthday Giveaway!

First of all, check out this week’s comic!

Pole Dancing Adventures is turning TWO! To celebrate, let’s do a giveaway! <3 Thank you for growing with me as we support and spread the love and humor of pole dancing together. We have another wonderful year ahead and I hope the PDA gear helps the lucky winner forge ahead on her own pole journey. <3


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18 thoughts on “PDA Birthday Giveaway!

  1. I love the superman comic “Is it a bird! is it a plane!” “the sweet feeling of success”. It’s one of the things I love about pole achieving things you never thought you could and feeling the whole time like your flying. <3 (Still dreaming of doing a superman)

  2. I am still training on my shoulder mount, so I hope to perfect it this year! And also the jade and machine gun! They look like such awesome and difficult moves and I want to be able to say I have conquered them! 🙂 More core yoga, more practice!

  3. My goals are mostly related to flexibility, that’s my greatest weakness. So, I will keep working on my splits and my back strechings. I want to improve all the moves that I’ve learned during the last year (extended butterfly, superman, middle split, scorpio and gemini, shoulder mounts variations), and i’d like to start doing the combos in a much smoother way 🙂 And learn new moves, of course! I probably seem very ambicious, but I believe that with the right training and will, I’ll get there 😀

    • Forgot how to achieve this: I have a DVD from Cleo the Hurricane for my splits and for the shoulder mount I think alot of practice will help 🙂

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  5. My pole goal to 2014 is definitely to gain more strength, I’ve changed a lot since I started pole dancing but I still need a lot more strength 🙂

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