Blog: Cover Up For Once

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I mean, seriously! Especially on cold nights! It’s fun to see how much your movement and your relationship with the pole changes with just a bit of fabric. Floorwork suddenly becomes so important. Say goodbye to thigh grips, but what about all of those beginner spins you haven’t done in months? Maybe you’re more creative with the shapes your legs make in a shoulder mount. Or maybe you’ll invent a new spin or transition you’ve never seen yourself do before.

By keeping my leggings or shirt on, I find it a nice way to warm up or to do a quick dance without worrying too much about tricks for the moment. Not to mention, my arms get a fantastic workout. Give it a shot and do it too.

I found some wonderful examples on YouTube. Give them a watch!

And this awesome guy?

And sweatpants for the win in this video!

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