Pole Silks Photoshoot #1

My favorite part of pole dancing is the chance to be creative with your pole family. On Monday, I did a photo shoot with author and pole dancer, A. A. Jones. Holy crap! We had a BLAST creating this Hollywood-glamour-esque shoot together. It almost seems like we’re floaty creatures from another world, doesn’t it? There will be more photo shoots like this in the future! xoxo


tilt-studios-pole-dancing-adventures-leen-isabel-shoot-8I inverted this photo and I instantly loved the languid feeling of it. It’s as if she’s being drawn down through water. It’s sublime. And my favorite. <3





I was happily surprised when the photos turned out to be very dramatic and ethereal. Thank you to A. A.Jones for having me at Tilt Studios. This shoot was definitely a fun collaboration together!

Now it’s time for me to come out from behind the camera. It’s back to the real world and I ought to post this week’s comic, eh? Sorry about the lateness!

More about A.A. Jones:
Her book, “Tilt: Diary of a Virgin Stripper,” details the drama and danger of the world of stripping. It is an intimate, soul-bearing account of a woman making her way in a man’s fantasy world. Revealing and titillating, “Tilt” is more than an erotic confession. It is the story of a woman falling in love and rediscovering her true self and her sexual power, choosing to let darkness ignite her instead of consume her.

More about Pole Silks:
Polesilks is an exciting accessory for use on the pole and provides an uplifting experience regardless of your expertise. It is safe to use and has been fully tested here in the UK.
Buy online at: http://www.polesilks.co.uk/

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