Looks different around here.

Here’s where I let out a big sigh.

The time has come for me to watermark all of PDA. I never wanted to do this but better late than never. Finding counterfeit products with my artwork and talking to angry, defensive, law breaking people is not my idea of a good time.

From now on, all images on PDA (old and new) will contain my watermark to prevent people from cropping, stealing, printing or illegally distributing my art. While I am aware that much of it has probably been downloaded and re-uploaded countless numbers of times, I just want to make sure that from now on, PDA is protected.

I was against watermarking because I wanted the comic to be enjoyed without something marring the illustration. However, I’ve been so disappointed by so many people and I don’t have time to continually file complaints. So, I hope you understand my point of view. I will continue on into 2015 with optimism and will continue to love PDA and pole dancing! Thanks for your support. I create PDA with lots of time and energy so you should understand my need for this.

Of course, if you’d like to enjoy PDA w/out the watermark, consider buying the book, becoming a patron on Patreon or picking up prints from my online store. xoxo

Leen Isabel​

2 thoughts on “Looks different around here.

  1. I love your artwork! I didn’t even notice the watermark right away.. It makes me sad that so many people have to be such jerks.

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