Nerd Panties You Can Pole In

Every poler needs a wardrobe refresher. As a geek girl, I like to wear my heart on my sleeve and a little digging on Etsy brought up this fun round-up of geek inspired, pole-dance friendly bottoms.


For the confident poler: “Oh, my Glob! Yes! I’m gonna be so hot! So freakin’ hot!” Love those lumps in Lumpy Space Princess inspired panties! That princess is so ridiculously sassy and definitely knows how to be the center of attention.


For the funny girl: Harley Quinn from Batman is naughty little jokester and a master gymnast. Sound like anyone you know from class? Maybe these would be perfect for her!


For days when you’re feeling powerful! Maaaan, when I played Zelda and those hearts were full, I was a DAMN reckless player! Something about seeing so many full hearts made me want to go all in. Hackin’ bushes, takin’ jewels and savin’ the princess.


For the one in command! Nerdy teacher? How about some “yellow shirt” panties? Let everyone know who is the captain of the ship! “There’s only one kind of woman…or man, for that matter. You either believe in yourself or you don’t.” — Kirk in ‘Mudd’s Women’


For the pole hog – We all know that person who will only use ONE pole at the studio and no others. You know who you are.

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