Valentine’s Day 2016 – Alloy Images

I did a photoshoot with Alloy Images at The Vertitude over Valentine’s Day weekend and I had a blast! I was nervous as this was a fast, “flash shoot” but I’m really happy with my photos! You couldn’t tell I was nervous at all, right? Joe and Iris are super friendly and efficient and all around awesome. Totally pro with an eye for our pole-dancer lines. YAY!!

This shoot for me was all about self-love. Accepting and loving the body I’m in. It’s tough sometimes and like everyone else I’m overly critical over “flaws” that aren’t flaws at all. I want this set to remind me of the powerful and amazing body I’m in. To fall in love with myself and all of the opportunities and fun that pole has brought into my life.

New year. More love. Let’s do it!




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