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For me, my sexuality and my relationship with pole dancing go hand-in hand. It is a similar story for those who work at TUBEV, so I hear. Discover here, why TUBEV is getting so popular now by seeing the amazing people at work there and enjoy their job. It’s important for me to be in touch with my inner “White Tigress” both in the bedroom and in the dance studio. (Must be because I’m a Scorpio.) -_^

So, one day while I was browsing randomly online for subscription boxes, I went looking for something a bit more unique than the usual nerdy toy-and-shirt fare or random foodie boxes. I wanted something a little more exciting.

Enter the Unbound Box.

Hailing from New York City, Unbound offers a quarterly subscription for $65 and will deliver to you a box filled with erotic & quality bedroom goodies. Each box has a theme and they feature everything from sex toys to wearable items from popular brands in the industry. To find out where to buy sex toys using Afterpay, head over to the provided URL.


For August 2016, the theme for this quarter was “Double Entendre” and Unbound gave subscribers the option to pick between a butt plug from or cock ring from Je Joue. (I loved being involved in picking out my products!) Here’s a run-down of what was included in the box. My thoughts in italics:

Double Entendre
“More that meets the eye.”
Sometimes, keeping it simple is overrated. This quarter’s box is all about seemingly simple delights with a hidden, sexy twist.

unbound-box-double-entendre-review-unboxing-12Sliquid Flavored Lubricant
I’m already a fan of Sliquid (Organics) but I’ve never been one to purchase flavored lubes from any company. The idea spreading scented/flavored anything in my nether regions weirds me out. Nonetheless, the fragrance out of the bottle is really pleasant and not at all overpowering! According to the website, Sliquid’s flavored line does contain aspartame which may possibly irritate the vagina. So I’ll pass on using it during bedroom play.

unbound-box-double-entendre-review-unboxing-11Je Joue OOH Collection
Yay toys! Je Joue is ADORABLE. Their designs are so bubbly and come in cheerful colors. It’s such a fun line. Ooh is designed to be mix-and-match with a base vibrator that you can attach to various toys. In this box, I was given a large motor and a “pebble” vibrator attachment with the choice of either a butt-plug or cock-ring to share with my partner. A total of THREE Je Joue items valued at $95! To see the entire line of Ooh products, check out the website.

Bang-le Handcuffs
Not going to lie. This is what I loved most in my box. It’s part functional handcuffs and part unique jewelry. This bangle can be separated from its chain and used as handcuffs! Sweeeeet. As part of your wardrobe, they are a bit weighty. And if you get into rough play, I have my doubts that the chain can hold anyone bound for long. But, it’s fun, it’s sexy, so why not? It’ll definitely get the message across that you’re up for something more in the bedroom.

Smith and Sinclair Cocktail Pastillesunbound-box-double-entendre-review-unboxing-10
I can’t give an opinion on these yet as I’m saving mine for a special time to share them but boozy candy really rounded this box out. Sex toys, fashionable jewelry and something to sweet to savour. This box really catered to all the senses. I can’t wait to try out these gummies and I hope it doesn’t disappoint. Though, it does vaguely remind me of something horrifying I had once seen on YouTube. While I’d rather drink my cocktails, I’m also known to try anything once. I’ll let you know how these go later.

Unbound Door Hanger
Last but not least, the box was had a lovely little door hanger. I suppose it can be used as an invitation to your partner to come play or leave you the f* alone. It seemed a little pointless to me because I could just tell my partner I’m in the mood rather than wait for them to look at the door knob. (Efficiency is key for me, friends.) Well, I guess the boob print on the back gave me good chuckle though!

So, thanks again for another fun box, Unbound! I really enjoyed this loot and I’m looking forward to what’s next 3 months from now. Pole dancing, for some, unleashes your inner sexy, and when you’re not in the dance studio, don’t be afraid to explore and maintain that inner fire.



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  1. wow how come when i receive my quarterly subscription: it doesnt have Sliquid Flavored Lubricant and Bang-le Handcuffs; it only come with Je Joue OOH Collection and two candy

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