Projects I Love: X-Purr is live on Kickstarter!

While we will never be able to explain the reason why pole-dancers love cats so much, we can nonetheless count on our fuzzy buddies to be right there next to us when we’re practicing at home.

I mean, check out this photo. My cat’s a pro already.

But look at the sisal post in this photo. It’s worn, its boring, and look how my cat stares at my X-Pole with envy.

Well, envy no more fuzzy one! Thanks to the International Pole Dancing star and fellow Cat Mama, Natasha Wang, she has brought  cat enthusiasts everywhere the X-PURRNow your fuzzy friend will be able to shake his tail on this quality “fitness pole” for cats!

X-Purr X-Pole Natasha Wang Cat Scratcher

Let’s get into the details. Each X-Purr is 2 feet long and comes topped with a catnip filled “disco ball.” The base of the post emulates the X-Stage design and also has the X-Purr logo stamped around the edge. The result is a classy looking product that both you and your cats will enjoy. And it will look oh-so-perfect in your pole room or studio. 😉

Also available through the Kickstarter campaign is a bottle of catnip spray disguised as a bottle of “pole cleaner.” Like us pole-dancers, we spray our poles with cleaner to get it ready before a dance. Your kitty can have this catnip sprayed on their X-Purr  to entice them to get up and move.

The X-Purr Stage Pole fulfills cat-owners’ dreams of seeing their feline ‘work the pole’ while addressing a cat’s natural instincts.

Pledges for the X-Purr start at $50 for early bird backers and $60 for regular. You can also grab the catnip spray alone for $12. But hurry soon! Quantities are limited. Pledge now!

About X-Purr creators: Natasha & Arloa


X-Purr is founded by pole fitness celebrities Natasha Wang (2013 International Pole Champion, 2012 Pole Art Runner-Up, 2011 US Pole Dance Champion) and Arloa Reston (2016 North American Pole Dance International Grand Masters Champion, 2014 Pacific Pole Championship Masters Entertainment Champion). Natasha and Arloa are veterans of the pole fitness industry, with over 20 years combined experience teaching, performing and competing in the U.S. and throughout the world. They met through pole, but bonded over a shared love of cats, and developed the idea for X-Purr after attending CatCon 2016 in Los Angeles. It was there they realized there wasn’t a product that merged the unique worlds of POLE and CATS.

For more information about Natasha and Arloa, visit their personal websites and



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