See Marion Crampe on The Ellen Show!

The stunning Marion Crampe shows off a stunning pole dance routine on American television via The Ellen Show! She shares a sweet story about her young niece and represents the pole dance community wonderfully. Fantastic job!


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The Pole Dancing Chronicles Season 2 Episode 4 Leen Isabel

Description – Season 2 Episode 4 of The Pole Dancing Chronicles features the creator of “Pole Dancing Adventures” weekly web comic series, Leen Isabel.

Thank you to MightyGripTV for this fun interview! I enjoy supporting and being a part of the pole community.

Patreon Updates + New Illustration Feature!

Hey there everyone! I thought it was a good time to refresh my Patreon with new features for 2017. I want to thank YOU for your continued support and to give back EVEN MORE, I’m adding weekly PIN-UPs as a bonus to all tiers! At $1, you get a look at my latest work and at $5+ a comic, I’ll send you the high-res .JPG! I’m looking forward to drawing even more for you.   If you love my work, please spread the word! I appreciate it. <3

Updated tiers are as follows:

Thank you!

$1 or more per comic
♦ Access to comics without the watermark.
♦ A look at weekly digital and traditional illustrations!

Gimme More Art!

$5 or more per comic
♦ Access to comics without the watermark.
♦ High-Res JPGs of weekly digital and traditional illustrations!
♦ I will ship a pair of stickers to you!

And higher tiers will also recieve the new illustration perks as well!

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