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We’re seeing many pole dance studios go through the transitions ofย  either carrying 50mm or 45mm poles… or even both! And from it, I hear my peers, as well as myself, comment on their their preferences. I own a 50 mm at home but the studios I practice at have either one or the other. I find that practicing on a 50 helps develop strength in your grip since the pole is wider making it easier to handle a 45 later on.

Besides size, I understand that a pole’s finish will affect your grip as well. So many things to consider! I know that X-Pole just released their 40 mm size, too! (WOAH! Smaller & smaller!) Anyway, which size do you prefer? Do you practice on both? Just one?

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20 thoughts on “40, 45, 50…

    • hi nina, i have a 50mm pole built in my own home. i want to ask if were you able to spin? i mean it’s kinda hard to. so how can you improve your hand grip on a 50mm static pole.

  1. I have a 45mm at home, and in the studio we have all of them, 50, 45 and 40. I think spins are much easier on the 40, but tricks hurt more. I think its ok though, so if there is no other free one, I rather take the 40 than the 50. I like my 45mm ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. I say the smaller the better but I seem to be in the minority I can do everything in the 45 better than I can on the 50 and apparently that makes me the odd one. Most ladies run for the skinny pole for moves they need to use arms and hands but want more grip with inverts and moves that take a lot of leg grip not me I love the skinny poles for everything.

  3. I have a 45 mm because we had these in the studio. But now we have the new 40 mm Poles. Kinda intressting but I didn’t tried them long so I need to see.

  4. I don’t have one yet (working on a 9month project, have 2.5 more to go lol), but I never thought about this. I’m thinking maybe starting with a 50 is the way to go, but what about finishes?

  5. I have been in business for 7 years and have 5 50mm at the studio, three at home and two in the storage unit. I have used brass, titanium, chrome, stainless steel, aluminum, powder coated, galvanized and rubber. I have to add at least one 45mm to the studio because competitions are making dancers use both. I have a 9 year old daughter who was pole dancing at 2 and she didn’t have a problem with grip (small hand) texture, spinning or non spinning. The issue is we are adults and have a brain that recognizes pain and fear. If we were under 18 it could be in a water park, wet and 3 inches around and we would be able to climb it, be flexible and fly. Unfortunately the industry if forcing 45mm for competitions so if you don’t compete keep your 50″ brass pole. They have been used by professionals forever. If you compete you may want to start getting used to the transition of tiny adult women with tiny adult hands. Sorry skinny ladies but us good old girls like a bigger pole. (that’s a joke)Oh and if you do Chinese pole – That is a 3 inch pole coated in rubber, and they do back flips from one pole to the other??? Any way – If you ARE competing you will want to get used to a 45mm spinning and non spinning stainless steel pole – That is what the industry is moving to for competitions. I have decided to have my 50mm brass stationary, 50mm Aluminum spinning optional, 45mm stainless steel spinning optional, 50mm Chrome spinning optional, and 3inch rubber coated 14 foot chinese pole!!!!!!!!!!!! If your ever in Michigan we play on Wednesdays with Flight club – fly for free!

  6. for 5 years it has always been 50MM stainless steel static for me. i went to a workshop that used 50MM brass spinning optional. i’m really interested to see how 45MM feels like!! i could probably do without spinning since i get motion sickness VERY easily.

  7. i’ve only ever worked with a 50mm. (I think. Maybe they’re 45mm I’ll have to find out now) As far as finish goes though, I stick much better to titanium or chrome, slip on brass, and powder coated heats up and rips chunks of skin off of my body.

  8. I have used all 3. 38, 45 & 50. They all have good/bad points but I prefer 45 as it’s sort of a middle ground. I can’t do split grip or handsprings on a 50, but a 50 is so much easier for doing knee-holds & superman and anything that hurts haha.

  9. I have a 50mm at home, but I don’t like it. It’s too thick. Since I’ve been pole dancing, the studio that I attend always had 45mm. So using the 50mm is definitely an adjustment. 45mm all the way!

  10. I prefer a 45 for spins and a 50 for inverts and other tricks. I have unreasonably tiny hands, so I can’t grab the pole als tight as i want with the 50 mm.

  11. I prefer slim ones better! ^_^ I’m in love with my 42,5 mm lupit pole. But in my pole studio we even have one 40mm x-pole that I use when I find it empty <3

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