A Mathematical Relationship – Part 2

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See Part 1 here!

Here’s a little throwback to the early days of Pole Dancing Adventures. Remember the first one? I feel like this transition into a confident person happened quite quickly in pole dancing. How about you?


This comic features PDA fan and Kickstarter backer, Beth Carey!

She writes,

“I fit your description if the “good girl, gone bad.” My husband jokes that pole is my “secret” side. It totally cracks him up when I get into a pole conversion with someone at party. Especially, when most of his friends don’t know and would not expect it from me.

What I love most about pole is that it is a great combo of the skill of gymnastics and beauty of dance (I grew up a gymnast). I easily get lost in the moment dancing to my favorite pole songs; it seems to make the stress of real life disappear.

I dance at Rising Goddess Fitness but I started at Tease Dance & Fitness both are awesome studios!”

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