A Poler Under Cover


For my American readers, have a great Thanksgiving this upcoming week. Don’t let all the food bog you down! For many of us, it’s a time to see family and that includes the relatives that don’t quite understand what you’re doing with that “stripper pole.”

How do you deal with your family members that just “don’t get it?” Do you push your love for pole dancing relentlessly to any nearby person? Or do you keep it a secret and tell no one in the world?

As for me, I don’t mention it unless it’s brought up. If the person I’m talking to is willing to be open minded, then I’ll happily share my side of the story. If they’re stubborn, then I figure it’s not worth wasting my breath. This usually happens with older males in my family. They seem to be a little off put by the idea of a younger, married female relative happily dancing around in stilettos. LOLOLOLOLOL~!

I do tend to cover up before family get togethers. I really, REALLY hate people accusing my significant other of physically abusing me. Abuse is not a joke. It’s not funny. STAHP.

7 thoughts on “A Poler Under Cover

  1. I always celebrate Thanksgiving with my in-laws, and luckily they are very supportive of me pole dancing. Apparently my father in law was showing off my pole videos on his phone while at his fiftieth high school reunion!:-P

  2. In my opinion itยดs also a kind of sport/ dancing like all the others, I also did it for fun. Of course it looks very strange if a man tries to get his body up this pole but it was really exhausting. Sometimes others should give it a try before they judge..

    Greets from Germany

  3. I dont hide my pole dance addiction, I am proud of what I am able to do ๐Ÿ™‚ Some people around me just dont get it, specially my husbands family, but it is their problem, not mine.

  4. I don’t hide it at all given that it is the one thing that has taught me to believe in myself. I don’t care if other people don’t like that I pole dance. I have only run into one person that insisted I must be training to be a stripper and he is a very opinionated senior that I usually ignore anyhow. No sense in arguing with someone who is never wrong…at least in their own mind.

  5. I think thats the main problem that some people think that pole dance is “always” connect to be a stripper. But sometimes it’s harder to look at it in a objective way. Pole dancing is only a combination of dancing, gymnastics and bodyweight training. Older people judge a little bit too early. They only see a pole and the dancer as a stripper. If they go nowadays into a club they propably would see everywhere strippers…

  6. I kinda do the same thing. I’m an actor/dancer in NYC so I can sort of hide behind that but I don’t go into details over my FAVORITE dance unless asked. It came up with my in-laws once and they’re funny. They just thought it was some kinky stuff I did for their son, which is partially true.

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