A Quick Guide to Healing Bruises.

We’re always trying to think of ways to fix those bruises. Especially as a beginner, nothing is more horrifying than coming home and looking… well, like her.
I’ve heard of some natural remedies from fellow pole dancers and I’ve listed them here. I’m not a medical professional so I do suggest visiting your doctor to find out how to treat bruises if they really bother you that much. Just tell them you do “Aerial Arts” if you’re embarrassed. haha! (But why should you be?)

13 thoughts on “A Quick Guide to Healing Bruises.

  1. Another tip that has really helped me is to only use Ibuprofen-based painkillers rather than Aspirin. Since Aspirin is used to help prevent blood clots, heart attacks, etc, it thins your blood in a way that makes bruises bigger/more visible 🙂

  2. Heparin creams (Hirudoid etc) are good for dispersing bruises faster, but on me it means it goes huge and yellow just before disappearing! It does go away much faster though, if in a weirder looking way 🙂

    • I’ve looked for heparin and heparinoid creams all over just to find out they’ve been discontinued in my whole country (Argentina)!
      So unfair! 🙁

  3. At class I’m always reminded of the scene from “G.I. JANE”. Demi Moore come back from training and goes to the loo. A woman takes one look at her and says “I would just leave the bastard!”

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