A Ship’s… What?!

The first time my teacher told me the name of this move, I probably blushed a little. I can be a prude when around teachers, bosses, relatives and the like. It’s the Asian in me.
But after some thought, (and knowing the more polite name for this pose), I thought it was a lovely association. Figureheads are truly majestic sculptures. And you should feel that way when you’re in it. 🙂

19 thoughts on “A Ship’s… What?!

  1. My studio loves to make up crazy crazy names for very simple moves…..

    I probably know them more by their inappropriate names rather than their ACTUAL names.

    I think it keeps class more fun and upbeat, especially if you’re struggling with said move, when you have something to laugh at. :]

  2. i haven’t gotten that far in my studio yet, though it looks similar to getting into a resting point..
    on the dirty names one of my instructors invented “double fisting Daphne” i also don’t remember what the original name for it was

  3. Our class is constantly inventing new and progressively more inappropriate names for moves. I think my favourite is what is on the syllabus as the Upright V, which is affectionately known as (pardon my French) Extreme Anal Fisting on account of what can happen if something goes wrong…

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