Bad Habits Suck

You know you have at LEAST one bad habit. What is it?

I want to give a special thank you and shout out to Fun Pole Fitness in San Diego, CA! We had an amazing Pole Dancing Adventures Pop-Up Shop night! Photos below the jump:

I took Pole Dancing Adventures on the road! I came out to play with new friends & readers of PDA and set up a pop-up shop featuring PDA merchandise! 
Me messing around w/ instructor Nadine Young

After class, I set up a pop-up shop with Pole Dancing Adventure products for the students. Check out this PDA wall of art! So honored. What an awesome night!  Thank you, Marie!

The lovely ladies of Fun Pole Fitness in San Diego, CA invited me to a class while I was in town for Comic Con. I had SUCH A BLAST with these ladies! Can’t wait to see you all again.

8 thoughts on “Bad Habits Suck

  1. Yeah I am pressing my lips together too or I look like I want to bite someone because I am so concentrated. And sometimes I am really lazy in practising…

  2. I will just jump off the pole instead of practicing a shoulder dismount our thigh slide down. Its the main reason why after two years I still struggle to get the thigh slide because I wont practice it! Also not doing my weak side is a bad habit too.

  3. Oh, the beer is so true!! But my little guy tells me “you’ll pole better after a burrito!”
    Haha, thanks for the pop up shop! I had tons of fun poling with you and can’t wait to dance and buy merch again!!

  4. I hold my breath every time I go into an invert, shoulder mount, or anything hard, which makes everything harder. Luckily my instructor is good at calling me out on it, which I know will eventually help me break the habit:)

  5. I’m really bad about the thigh slide too, or anything that causes intense pain in that area. It’s slowly getting better, but not as quickly as it would if I just stuck it out… but it HURTS SOO BADDD! My other one would probably be popping up too quickly/not focusing on flowing from move to move. Oh, and the worst one of all is getting discouraged/down on myself when I struggle :\

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