Bones of Steel


Who’s that on the pole? I want to give a special thank you to Cowboy Wild from California!

Cowboy Wild is one of my Titanic pledgers from Kickstarter. This is what he writes:
“I go to Twirly Girls Pole Fitness in Pleasanton, Ca, so that is my favorite pole studio!

It’s pretty amazing how much pole dancing has changed my world. Besides all the weight I lost, it has given me a voice, a platform to speak from. I now use pole dancing to change the world. I love doing pole shows to help raise money for the AIDS LifeCycle and bring an end to HIV and AIDS. Over the last couple years, with the help of the pole community, I have raised over $16,000!

I signed up for AIDS LifeCycle 2016 and my goal is to raise $15,000 this time! I’ve been telling people that if by chance I get to $20,000, I’ll get an ALC tattoo.”

He’s also behind the hilarious “Polemon Go” designs. I shared a few at this link.

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