Break Away.


This just might be one of my favorite comics yet. It might be the pink hair… or it might be her tush in the air. 🙂 Either way, “purrrrr!”

Sometimes this is a challenge for me. I’ve been watching my videos lately and I’m REALLY dependent on the pole lately. I just HAVE to be touching it, climbing it, posing with it, etc.

I think I’ve forgotten how to dance away from the pole!
So, I created this comic to remind myself of that.

It’s time to pop in Alethea Austin’s Floorwork DVD, If this isn’t in your collection yet, it should be. Beautifully shot, sexy and informative. It’s all the floorwork moves you could hope for! (But you won’t get her slinky back without practice.)

7 thoughts on “Break Away.

    • When I arrive to teach my classes its always freezing in there (I live in Michigan..) so I start freestyling with all my layers on. By the time class starts I’m warmed up physically and mentally

  1. I’m quite the opposite. I could spend an entire dance on the floor. I often have to remind myself that it is called “Pole Dancing.” 🙂 I’m getting a little better at integrating the two.

  2. This will always be one of my favorite comics too! Maybe it’s because I am always clueless on what to do once I get off the pole. 😛

  3. i absolutely love this comic. i wish i could get the original artwork of it so badly.
    this has been my favorite since the day it was published

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