Don’t forget to bring water!

When I yell to my husband that I’m off to work-out, I smile every time when I look inside my “gym-bag.” Exercising is exciting when you’ve got a pair of heels and sexy work-out clothes inside it!

I know I didn’t include everything. What other essential items are inside you work-out bag?
Arnica – Cream or gel for bruises!
Alcohol-based Wet Wipes – A good alternative for a post or pre work-out body wipe down.
Towel  – Because pole is tiring!!
CAMERA – Most of us do bring a camera. Admit it! (At least your cell-phones..)
Bandages/Band-aids – I think I stuck a band-aid on once when the skin on top of my right foot started peeling from climbing. But now, I see no need for these items in my own bag.
Extra Clothes – An extra pair of work-out pants or a shirt is great for wearing during warm-up.

11 thoughts on “Don’t forget to bring water!

    • I’ve met women of all shapes and sizes (and ages) while taking pole! It’s a great workout for building confidence and it’s FUN!!! It will get you fit for sure. 🙂 I hope you’ll try it soon! And no matter what, you’re beautiful. (And you really, really are!)

  1. I have always long pants for the warm up in my bag, hot pants,top, water bottle, towel, a second pair of socks, deodorant, headphones and a book for the subway and something for the grip.
    And I think I’m goin to start a Notebook for Pole moves that is a good idea!

  2. Haha I love this! My pole bag definitely looks a lot more fun than my gym bag, but lucky for me most of it fits in my handbag, and I always keep a pair of shorts and my notebook and camera (phone) with me for any surprise sneak attack pole practice opportunities!

  3. When you start, you will feel intimidated the first couple of classes, but then you’ll realize there are all sizes of women there and they don’t care about how you look, you’re in a friendly community that’s willing to help you improve (plus, during the process you loose weight). Since I’m 2 years late to reply this, I hope you are pole dancing right now! 🙂

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