Dragon’s Tail Fail


I thought about making my regular “Versus” style comic, but I had a few more things to say about the impact this pose had on social media and the pole dancers who decided to participate. First of all, this pose is kuh-razy. It’s like a Jade, a Handspring and some major shoulder flexibility had one mad monster baby. (And her name is Charlee Wagner and she is a phenomenal pole dancer. She created this pose, I hope you know.)

As soon as I saw it, I wanted it. And rather than wait to break it down with a professional teacher, I decided to climb up onto my pole and figure it out myself. It can’t be that bad right?

Well, one angry shoulder and one throbbing thumb later, I thought it best to leave the teaching and pose breakdowns to the professionals.

Bottom line, don’t get caught up in the hype to attack a pose right away. Yes, it might be the “pose of the moment,” but who cares! Be gentle on yourself as you become a better dancer. Put the pose on your to-do list and improve at a safe pace. And finally if you want it that bad, go ask your instructor to help you before you end up losing a limb!

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