Exotic or Not


For the record, I have friends who are professional exotic dancers and I have no issues with that line of work. It’s just tiresome when the general population still assumes all of us who poledance work in this industry… and then look down upon us for it. C’mon! I’ve met mothers, teachers, lawyers, artists, dancers, gymnasts — you name it!

After the pole community works so hard to bring our dance sport into the competitive field, it still receives a bad rep. These girls are amazing & strong women. Whether they be exotic dancers or competition title holders. 🙂

15 thoughts on “Exotic or Not

  1. I have completely stopped adding “but it’s not like stripping” after telling people that I pole dance, as I am so darn tired of having to justify what I do. If people want to assume that, go ahead, but I am done defending myself..:)

  2. I hope, when Pole Dance is an Olympic Discipline, that it get’s better. But I know those problems. Oh Pole Dance like the strippers. No I’m not a stripper. Is that something like Lap Dance? Noooo totally different. Or they ask me if I want to earn money with that. No thanks I don’t want to but thanks for asking…
    I hate that kind of questions but I think I need to get used to it.

  3. That makes it powerful and hard to detect in ourselves. In fact we might try lifting our arms and actually feel they are too heavy to lift further. That’s the instinctive part of our mind taking control without us realising.

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  4. If people didn’t look down on stripping, then they wouldn’t look down on pole dancing at all. That’s where the real problem is, and many polers aren’t part of the solution – they jump on the anti-stripper bandwagon with all the “Oh, no, it’s fitness!” (And then they do it in ‘stripper heels’… don’t get me started.) I think the more we own that, yes – a major part of the appeal is that it is sexy, and yes – we have every right to want to feel sexy, the more we can actually move forward.

  5. My sentiments exactly. Any facet of pole dancing is beautiful when done with the respect it deserves. It takes such strength – whether you’re doing it for money, a workout or for fun. Being a former dancer and having friends who have parlayed stripping into owning their own pole studios, I think women who own their sensuality, embrace and celebrate it are amazing. I’m glad I found your blog…genius concept!

  6. I agree with this entirely.
    I once questioned why I get so annoyed at the assumption that I’m a stripper just because I pole dance as I too have friends who are professional exotic dancers and see nothing wrong with this. I realised it was down to the fact they were underestimating how difficult it is and how much strength it takes to pole dance. In their head they seem to imagine that I swing round a pole and possibly remove some clothing….the reality is holding positions that take muscles you didn’t realise you had, skin burns and pole bruises to produce something rather beautiful.
    That’s what frustrates me but I try and tell everyone the not so pretty yet rather admirable truth about pole dancing 🙂

  7. This was the first comic I saw on PDA and expresses my sentiments exactly. Pole is more fitness/sport than anything. It’s vertical ballet…seriously it’s an art. I had been hush about taking classes until recently. But now I’m older and don’t care as much what people think…AND I want to help cultivate more social acceptance.

  8. I like to think I have the grace and charisma of an exotic dancer and the strength and endurance of a pole dancer. I’m not ashamed of being either one and I like to think I’m a sexy pole kitten (Rawr!)lol. Pole has done been such a positive staple in my life that I can’t think of why anyone would want to bash it. It’s okay to disagree with it. People disagree with baseball, gymnastics, football, soccer(the other football), and other sports that they don’t particularly care for. Just because I don’t like to skateboard doesn’t mean I’m going to discourage my friends that participate in it. I love everything pole is all about and I could care less about the ignorance of others. 🙂

  9. As a guy, I honestly was not sure about this comic at first. I kinda assumed the first, but a couple of pages later I realized the second.

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