Finding a Place

I haven’t been pole dancing as much lately but I’ve been in it long enough to see the trends come, go and blend. Early on, pole seemed to be an exclusively female activity. Every student wore shoes, tricks were still being “invented” and we were sensual/sexual through and through.

A few years passed and as the community grew, we butted heads. Some wanted pole to go the official sports track (no shoes, no sex appeal) while others wanted to maintain that style and history. (Me? I was a blend of both. I can’t have one without the other!) A once female dominated dance style began welcoming other genders. (Again, there was some hesitation and pushing and pulling in the community. I roll my eyes…)

Now? I love watching the success of my friends of every background compete, dance and find their comfort zone. Shoes or no shoes. Sexy or sporty. Achieving tricks at home or in front of gigantic crowds. You do you. <3

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