Flawless… for now.


How many pole dancers have run into this problem? I know I have! After a good run through of your pole dance routine, it seems like your makeup hasn’t quite stayed put! Costumes and a stage presence is important for aerial performers. How do you cope to keep the makeup on when the stage lights are hot and the routine is tough?

This comic features another amazing Kickstarter backer! This is “Hotty de Paris” wearing an outfit inspired by a French maid. Now, while she looked picture perfect, her photos reminded me of the effort it takes to look AMAZING on stage.

Hotty de Paris practices at Schönheitstanz Studio, and Soulflight, both in Berlin Germany, and Soulflight, both in Berlin Germany! How amazing! She is SUCH a cutie that I just have to share a photo with you all. Wishing you the best Hotty!


6 thoughts on “Flawless… for now.

  1. I use waterproof liners and mascara, and the powders don’t run in the same way. Can be tricky to keep foundation strong enough, but no trouble with my eyes – can take em’ anywhere, even out in the pouring rain for hours on end, stage, heck some of them survive sleeping…

  2. Smashbox primers are good for keeping some of it put and one thing I learned for photo shoots is to avoid foundations with SPF to look less shiny

  3. Have you tried the “baking” method? I’ve heard that it helps really seal the makeup in to resist the hot lights for many performers who “bake” their face.

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