Fuzzy Wuzzy was a Bear

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I love the teddy pose. It’s challenging and a bit painful, but the variations you can achieve with your legs are plentiful! There are so many ways to make this pose sexy, cheeky and fun. I always adored the name of it so I couldn’t resist making it cute this week. Share with me your favorite teddy variation!


This comic features PDA fan and Kickstarter backer, Alison M. from Glasgow, Scotland! Thank you so much for your support! She was one of my amazing Titanic level pledgers.

She writes, “I’m a 30 years old Scottish pole addict currently sidelined with injury. I couldn’t pick a favourite studio, I love all the pole schools in Glasgow as they are friendly and welcoming no matter where you train. Its a privilege to be a part of the Scottish Pole Dancers community as they are a great support :)”

Let’s all wish Alison speedy recovery so we can see her back on the pole!

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