Go for the Gold

The Olympic summer games in London have started! For some, I’m sure it’s sad to see that pole dancing isn’t one of the recognized sports. We’ve petitioned for years to no avail. Nonetheless, many of you will continue to push until we can compete for the gold. 🙂 And so, I ask my pole brothers and sisters: Where do you stand on the debate of pole dancing possibly becoming an Olympic sport? 
I, for one, would love to see it happen one day. But on the other hand, I’m addicted to the “sexy-flexi,” stiletto wearing style and am afraid how the Olympics can change the culture. Thoughts?

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12 thoughts on “Go for the Gold

  1. Pole dance can be whatever you make of it.
    If you wanna go acrobatic you can.
    If the next day you wanna go high-heels&platform-sexy you can.
    That’s the beauty of it.
    I believe that as long as the heels are left out it has what it takes to be an olympic sport.
    When it comes to acrobatics, the pole is just another aerial apparel. It requires strenght, coordination, grace…
    Once people look past the prejudice and see this other side of the pole, the Olympics will be ready!

  2. I agree with Amora – it’s what you make of it. I would love to see pole dancing in 2016. There is such beauty, grace and athleticism involved and not everyone can do it. I see single competitors as well as choreographed group categories – almost like synchronized swimming :-). I don’t think it’s far off. There is a reason the market for pole studios, home parties and private lessons has skyrocketed. I think it’ll be welcomed, not to mention the ratings would probably go through the roof!

  3. Totally agree with both of you. Im a competitive pole dancer and i train just as hard as any other athlete out there. If it were to become part of the Olympics it would be something new and exciting for everyone to see, more people would be recognized for their talent and passion to succeed in a sport. More than that it would definitely be the talk of the world.

  4. I believe pole has a chance. I also don’t believe our sport is ready as it stands. We have no full structure for competitions no connection between state competitions and country wide competitions and international competition. It’s not structured like other dance sports are. I was a gymnastics competitor for many years. You go to states comp, them you UBS to.go.to regionals then nationals then you still might not make the US team. We will make it one day but I feel we still have far to go. The stigma is still there and to take out placein the next olympics the international community will have to all work together to build a better bond with each other.

  5. I agree with everyone’s comments so far, it is an amazing sport which requires all the training any other sport needs as well as giving a interesting twist on gymnastics. It requires flexibility, significant strength and endurance as well as giving people more confidence as a new form of exercise so why not be in the Olympics? If it was part of the Olympics the stigma may be removed or minimized as more people will see it as a sport.
    We can only wait and see, lets hope for the best. Fingers crossed its soon.

  6. I hope it never gets through. I’m not sure why pole dancers feel the need to be acknowledged in the olympics. To me it is a creative art (that happens to require physical prowess) not a sport. I don’t want it to become regimented by the rules and regulations that would need to be developed in order for it to be judged at the olympics. Nobody denies that circus performers are amazing at what they do and we don’t find them seeking validation through admission to the olympics.

  7. This NEEDS to happen. What’s the difference between gymnastics and pole? The position of the bar! The sleazy stigma associated with pole dancing needs to be eradicated, I think the best way of doing this is to make it a recognised olympic sport!

  8. [Part 1]

    For me I am honestly a little torn. I love pole dancing and can see why it could be an Olympic sport, similar to rhythmic gymnastics; but at the same time I don’t want to see it sterilized and turned into a machine like rhythmic gymnastics has become. Why can’t it be it’s own dance form like aerial fabric, lyra, Chinese pole, or any of the circus arts?

    Here are some of the things I love about pole dance that I feel will be changed if it becomes an Olympic sport. For reference I competed statewide, in Florida, for seven years in gymnastics; I also have a ballet background. I am currently an aerial fabric artist and have dabbled in other circus arts. I danced as a stripper for eight years and never was “slutty” or “sleazy”. I’ve competed in pole dancing competitions. I’m a licensed pole dance instructor in the Urban Fertility Method and have been teaching pole fitness and exotic dance for three years.

    If pole dancing became an Olympic sport, almost all of the creative expression and choreography would be removed. There would be a point system where you would be judged how perfectly you executed a move. Personal style wouldn’t be there as there would be a mandated “correct” way to do the move. Obviously, more points would be added for more difficult and dangerous entries. But I digress. It would be clinical and boring, in my personal opinion.

    The dancing element of it would be all but completely removed. It’s already like that in most of the pole competitions I have seen. I rarely see choreography that is artistic and actual dance, be it influenced from exotic dance, ballet, salsa, etc. There are so many talented pole dancers that have incredible mastery over the tricks, transitions, and movement on the pole, but the second they are on the ground it just becomes awkward and painful to watch them try to dance.

    The fun sexy appeal of pole dance would be removed completely. There are so many people in the pole dancing and pole fitness biz that want to forget that it’s root started in a strip club. I’ve heard so much nonsense about how pole dance started from Mallakhamb instead. Has anyone logically thought about this? Go read the wiki on it and it will tell you that it is a male dominated sport that is done to show off men’s athletic prowess. The wiki even goes so far to say that “Mallakhamb is not a form of dance and it should not be confused with pole dancing.” Let’s be honest and admit that a part of the allure of pole dancing is that it is sexy, and who doesn’t want to be sexy?

    I firmly believe that pole dance is a sensual dance form, like belly dancing, that honors the female divine in all of us. Historians have recorded that ancient writers described goddess dancing as being centered in circular, swaying movements of the hips, and ecstatic shaking of the whole body. Women frequently danced themselves into a chaotic trance when they felt they believed were linked to the power of the goddess. Sound familiar right? The pole became involved because it was a convenient prop in single-O girl shows.

  9. I would love to see pole dancing in 2016. Pole dancing is the best way to show such beauty, grace and athleticism 🙂

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