Gotta find the right song!

Sometimes, I’ll hear a song on the radio and I want nothing more than to get to the studio and dance to it. On the other end of the spectrum, some days I’ll be hitting the “next” button until my entire list cycles back to the beginning. Those practice nights are so frustrating. Do you ever get bored of your music?
If you use Spotify, here’s my pole dance music list! And if you use the program, send me a link to yours in the comments! Let’s share music! —> My Songs to Pole By.

My all time Top Songs to pole dance to. What are yours?
1. Amy Winehouse – Some Unholy War – Down Tempo
2. Stateless – Bloodstream – Quartet Session
3. Kings Of Leon – Closer
4. The Weeknd – Valerie
5. Korn – Twisted Transistor

12 thoughts on “Gotta find the right song!

  1. I’ve been trying to stick a routine to Cowboy Cassanova and Glee’s version of Toxic. I’m also into Imagination Dragons right now. I can dance to pretty much anything though, I just take a bit of whatever classic dance (tap, jazz, ballet, gymnastics, hip hop, etc) and combine it…or try to anyway.

  2. Closer is so always on my list!

    here comes 12 songs which always keep me going:

    Used To Love Her – Guns’n’Roses
    Transdermal Celebration – Ween
    Rabiosa – Shakira
    Tainted Love – Marilyn Mason
    Bring Me To Life – Evanescence
    Losing My Mind – Mando Diao
    Pa’ Bailar – Bajofondo
    American Woman – Jimmy Hendrix
    Segredos – Frejat
    Beat The Devil’s Tattoo – Black Rebel Motorcycle Club
    Cat People – David Bowie
    Corazón Espinado – Maná
    Pecado É Lhe Deixar De Molho – Tribalistas

  3. Skinny Love from Birdy. Thanks for sharing your songs. I’m listening to all of them for inspiration.
    I like to try After Dark from the movie From Dusk till Dawn

  4. My favourites are:
    As the rush comes, Holding on to nothing as chill out
    Stand my ground, Iris- Googoodolls, ac dc, metallica… when I need to put my worries and stresses out
    Doing it – LL Cool Jay, or Lick ( Soundtrack to triple xxx ) When Im hot lol
    Also like michael buble Feeling good and Elvis Presleys Fever when Im into something Classic

  5. I completely understand this! I have an old ipod shuffle so I can’t choose the song, just have to keep scrolling through til I find it… Which took at least 30 minutes one day o.O

    At the moment the song I really want to dance to is Bastille’s Of the Night

  6. This is one of my favorite posts because the music I choose sets the mood I’m in and determines my moves. I would literally sit there and shuffle through every song until I find the perfect song to put on repeat lol.

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