Heel clacking & foot stomping


When you’re a beginner learning how to get the hang of wearing dance heels, this is definitely something myself and other dancers have experienced. (Especially if you’re a tomboy to begin with like me! LOL) I’ve scraped my toes and stomped on my own feet with those dastardly heels.

This comic features PDA fan and Kickstarter backer, Lez C.! Not only is she a dear friend, she’s also a beginner level pole dancer. And with that in mind, I made this comic as a helpful warning to new dancers –“Watch out for those heels!”

Thank you so much for your support! She was one of my amazing Titanic level pledgers.

She writes: “You influenced me to take pole dancing classes! Haha! =D Seeing all of your photos/videos encouraged me to just take the plunge! I haven’t been able to continue with my classes (boohoo!) due to my hellish work schedule, but I have taken ONE class from Boston’s Pole Fitness. And I LOVED it! In a nutshell: I am pole-dancing enthusiast! While I do not actively participate in pole, I do try to spread the love about pole dancing and the people who make it awesome! (I also happen to love cats!)”

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