Inside every pole dancer is a…..

Inside Every Pole Dancer Is A…

  • You know who the past three winners of USPDF are, and signature moves from each routine.
  • You have at least one online wiki, dictionary, or glossary of pole moves bookmarked.
  • You have taken multiple workshops with travelling instructors.
  • You keep a pole journal and track your progress.
  • You have a huge economy sized bottle of pole-safe lotion in your bathroom.

  • You have gotten floorburn on your knees.
  • You know the importance of wearing double-stick tape with your outfits.
  • Your entire pole wardrobe fits in a shoebox. Except the shoes. They have a shelf of their own!
  • You know of at least 3 different ways to do a body wave on the pole and 4 different booty bounces. And they’re all on your wish list of moves to learn.
  • SEQUINSSSSS. CRYSTALLSSSS. GLITTERRRRR. A girl can’t have too much. And, you’ve definitely gotten crafty at home with at least one of those sparkly things listed.

  • You watch Chinese pole videos for inspiration. You may not want to be a man, but you want to be able to do everything he does. Just as effortlessly. Especially that ridiculous true grip lifted handspring where your legs move in a circle and everything else stays in place.
  • The description of that last move instantly made sense to you.
  • A crashmat? Yes please. Or two. Two would be perfect, actually.
  • There’s no such thing as too much grip.
  • If you’re not sore for two days after a serious pole session, it wasn’t a serious pole session.
  • You can snag pantyhose with the calluses on your hands. Not that you wear pantyhose. Those bruises are badges of honor! Who would cover them up?

  • You work on your toe point.
  • You really, really, really want to get better at spinny pole. Because it’s reeeeeally pretty.
  • You can do three different types of pole pirouettes.
  • Silks? Lyra? Yeah, you’ll try that.
  • Ballet classes? Obviously you’ve already tried that.
  • You have at least one pair of Foot-undeez, or you have gone fully MacGyver and folded over little socks so that they don’t cover your heel.
Aerial Amy: Initially, this entry started out as a sort of “what kind of pole dancer are you?” little thing, with the idea that we could categorize ourselves into little groups depending on what kind of things we say or do. But then, as I was writing it… it became apparent… that actually, we ALL have a little bit of each of these pole dancers in us, and maybe, no matter what we look like on the outside, we’re pretty similar on the inside! I hope you agree.

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(Written by Aerial Amy. Illustrated by me!)

I was so excited to collaborate with Amy on this blog entry. I had fun picking out the quirks of each “type” to create these fun litle illustrations. And as I was drawing, I naturally thought about “who I was.” I think I’m definitely a blend of the 1st and 4th! (I am never without my notebook but I’m leg-warmer obsessed! And while I tend to be more the more trickster/athletic type, I have a tendency to want to flow in my movements. Now where to get an economy-sized bottle of pole safe lotion?)

Thank you to Aerial Amy for the hilarious (but true) descriptions! It’s an honor to work with her. And if you haven’t been to her blog, you must! It’s a helpful guide for any pole-dancer at any level!

So tell me, which one (or blend) are you?

8 thoughts on “Inside every pole dancer is a…..

  1. I have about five different “favorites” from the pda comics, but this is probably at the top of the list. I would say I empathize with something from every picture, but I love how all four capture so much of the spirit of pol dancing. Thanks for drawing!

  2. I think I’m between a 1 and a 3 – I love the strength that comes from pole dancing… However I’m aspiring to number 4 at the moment, I’m working on my point and flexibility and hoping I can one day get to the splits. 🙂

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