Invert Fail

This one is for the beginning level pole dancers! Don’t give up! Yes, it’s hard but you WILL get it! For those of you who consider themselves intermediate/advanced levels, do you remember when inverting was the hardest thing ever to do? How long did it take you to learn it?

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  1. Oh boy, do I ever remember being a ‘noob’! LOL It took me FOREVER to learn how to kick up. For some reason I Just. Couldn’t. Do. It! Until one day months and months later I just did it like I had been doing it all along. That easy.

    Even though I’m pretty decent now I still have this issue when it comes to respect (shoulder mount).

  2. I got my first invert about 6 months after my first pole class, and it took me another 6 months before they were solid and “easy”! So many new students rush towards inverts as if they are the most important thing ever, but there’s so much fun stuff to learn before that too! 🙂

  3. I actually managed to do an invert on the first try.. but i used to throw my legs up in the air and grab on to the pole like a monkey haha.. Took me about a month to manage to invert gracefully into a ‘V’ first and then grab on to the pole XD

  4. Oh that is so me on the right side…lol. Facial expression and all. I haven’t attempted an invert in a few months…can’t wait to get back in the pole classes and start back up working on it.

  5. there is a great exercise to practice for this move.. stand by the pole as if you are going into an invert..pull yourself up as if you were going into an invert.. tuck your legs into your chest and pull up as if you were going over but then release back to the ground.. helps with arms too..

  6. I’ve been pole dancing for over a year and I STILL haven’t been able to invert like that. Today my classmate nailed it, and she began pole dancing waaaaay after I did. It was heartbreaking. hahahaha

  7. I´m still working on it! =/
    I used to think that sitting was the worst and it would never stop hurting my thighs, but nowadays it´s natural, so i hope it´s the same way for inverting! \o/

  8. Oh god! We didn’t learn it until level 3, which meant about 8 months into poling for me. It still took me about a month after that to really get the hang of the basic invert, and then another few weeks for the chopper. This is what happens when you spend your warmups whining about how it’s hard work to do fiftyleven situps :p
    Not even going to talk about shouldermounts, it took me the better part of 9 months to get it SOME of the times. But now I can do them in the air so I guess it was worth the wait~~

  9. I love the comics and all of them are so cute, but this one means a lot since is totally me now. I am recently learning to invert and is still hard the ugly way and that feeling when I was finally up and my teacher goes like your legs ._. jumping… yeah a total fail haha, but I feel inspired 🙂 and I know one day I’ll be able to lift my legs and my hips very pretty

  10. Does anyone have any advice on conditioning exercises or tricks I can use while trying to invert?? It’s been four lessons since I started trying inverts and the only time I manage is when my instructor helps, but she obviously doesn’t help all the time and what happens is my legs go half way up and then just fall back down! It’s getting really frustrating because I’ve seen people who’ve never exercised in their lives get it on their first try… I usually nail a move by the second/maximum third lesson, and I know I’m nowhere near managing this. I’ve heard sit ups are really helpful. I used to do situps every single day to the point where I could do 100 without stopping but I haven’t done that in several months now and need to start again. My instructor also does conditioning and flexibility exercises before we start trying it out, even that thing where you lift your legs up and down again. I’ve watched several instructional videos and then it seems so simple but I still can’t get it. I’ve followed all the steps specified by my instructor and still nothing. Any other tips you could give me?

    • Hi!

      Four lessons on inverts isn’t that much time. It took me 6 months of pole dancing before I even started to try beginning to invert! In the time before that, I focused on spins, climbs and strength training off the pole. It was beneficial because I was able to build up overall body strength prior to attempting harder tricks and transitions. But if you’re so determined to get it right away, try these exercises where you just focus on bringing your knees to your chest and leg lifts. See this video: It will eventually help you gain that tuck you need in your lower abs and train that underarm grip. Good luck!


  11. Hi! I’ve been pole dancing for a total of 5 months now, so I understand what you mean about it still being early. Just wanted to thank you for the advice and to let you know that I finally managed to invert on my own about 2 weeks ago! I was so excited… It was like any other lesson, I kept doing the leg lift exercises and trying to invert and all of a sudden I tilted back properly and my leg just went up with no problem as if I’d been doing it for ages! I was so excited… I can only do it when I’m not too tired though and still can’t do it on my left side, but now I feel really encouraged and I’ll keep doing those exercises cos I finally believe I can perfect it! It was just getting frustrating for me at the time because I was watching everyone else learn it instantly so it felt like it was never gonna happen for me. Never been so happy to be wrong! Thanks again 🙂

    • Fantastic! Congratulations on your invert. Now practice makes perfect to nail it perfectly every time. 😀 Enjoy the journey! xoxo Leen

  12. Straighten your arms!!! this is what my teacher keeps yelling at me as I just kick up and find myself stuck in a stiff cradle position!

  13. I’m so happy to hear other people’s adventures with learning to invert. After 4 months, I am finally being able to get in the correct forms for inverting beautifully.

  14. I tried pole dancing yesterday, I asked beforehand if I could join being a total begginer, and despite being told yes, turns out the teacher expected us to be able to do inverts on our first class. Apparently, most girls can do it without needing any gymnastics background

    I’m glad to find now that I’m not the only loser who can’t do an invert on her first class, but I don’t think I have the guts to try pole again in the near future 🙁

    • I’m sorry to hear that! Sometimes it might help to try a different studio… or even a different teacher at the same studio! Some teachers may not work for you but like Goldilocks, you’ll find the right one. I hope you’ll try it again someday. Best wishes. xoxo

      P.S. I think it’s appalling that the instructor expected you to invert on the first day. Years ago, it took me 6 months before I was even told to attempt it. Without proper strength and form from training, you could get injured. I would scratch that teacher off my list.. but if you really want to pursue it, please give it a chance somewhere else. And of course, there’s never any shame in not getting a move the first time. You’re not alone!

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