Just butt out!


This is about something I concentrate on while in this pose. Some of you call it the “Twisted Grip V” or the “Twisted Grip Ayesha/Aysha.” I see many students go into their straddle without bringing their pelvis away from the pole. If you get used to this, it creates a problem in the future if you want to try “threading” your leg  or maneuvering your leg(s) around the pole. (I’ve seen and heard many a knocked ankle, shoe or knee against the pole because of that.)

Next time, ask your instructor to spot you as you try to lean your pelvis AWAY from the pole while bringing your legs lower. You will feel a pull on your top arm and you should feel more stable, too.

Food for thought. Good luck!

9 thoughts on “Just butt out!

  1. I can only imagine doing this someday!

    I attended my very first introductory poledancing lesson yesterday, and…I think I am in danger of becoming quite obsessed already. It was just so much fun! Of course; there’s not a single spot on my body that doesn’t hurt badly today, and I have a huge bruise on the top of my left foot. It hurts just to cough, because of sore abdominal muscles. But it was so definitely worth it!

    Spinning around the pole without touching the ground, and…probably feeling quite a lot more elegant than I really was…was simply amazing. Definitely the most fun I’ve had with training ever since I moved to study, and couldn’t keep up the archery anymore…

    And then I found this blog, and comic, and… Well, let’s just say my new little obsession made me unable to concentrate much during class today, reading your cute little comics. I love it!

    Might I ask; do you have any advice for a complete and total beginner?

    Ida Helene.

    • Hi Ida!

      I think the simplest thing I can tell a beginner is to not rush things. Focus on your basic spins and poses and don’t worry about the hard tricks for now. Have fun with the dance and concentrate on having FUN and getting stronger. 😀 And definitely don’t give up!

      Can’t wait to hear how your progress!


      • Hi both~ ♥
        Don’t worry Ida, I’ve been pole dancing for almost 2 years now, and this move still escapes me:
        I’m still at that awkward stage of vaguely lifting myself, but not really staying up ;_;
        Which is frustrating because I have no problems with the butterfly or other upside-down things (even though my legs are significantly stronger than my arms and that’s a fact so it was kinda predictable)…
        But rather than letting it get to me, I enjoy and concentrate on getting better the moves I already know how to do, just like Leen said, and every once in a while I’ll come back to it and try again~
        So, if you ever find that a new move it’s hard to get right on first try or that you have some frustrating difficulties with… just pause a little, focus on something else, and then go back to it with a fresher mindset! 🙂

        I hope you didn’t mind me joining in the conversation >////<

        • Thank you for nice, uplifting answers, Leen and Alba!

          No, I definitely don’t mind you joining in the conversation!

          I have only seen poledancing live once, on the Midnight Burlesque Festival in Oslo. It was then a male pole artist, and I think I just stood there with wide eyes and an open mouth through his whole routine. It just blew me away, and even knowing nothing about pole dancing, I could see how incredibly strong he had to be to do the things he did. It impressed me greatly, and I think that…one day…I want to be able to perform on a burlesque show too.

          But alas; as it turned out; pole dancing is quite expensive, so living on a student budget, I won’t be able to train regularly for a while. But I will definitely train when I CAN.

          • Ooh, I see! I too started getting interested in pole dancing watching other people perform (even though it was online) also, a friend who was already doing it told me it was a great way to build some mass and get fit for all the little underweight mouses like me… and here I am, hehe.
            Yeah it can get expensive, tough, and I’m lucky to have found a small, cheap but good school (we only have, like, 3 poles and our gym is underground in an old building from the 1800s, I think) …but don’t worry about this right now: you can take things at your own pace and train when you can, you’ll see results just the same!
            Also, you can ask your teacher for pointers about exercises you can do even at home and without a pole, to build up strength and endurance, while waiting to learn new tricks… I do a lot of push-ups whenever I can, because I have flimsy arms and sometimes get near a wall, make a handstand, and try push ups from that (can’t get more than 5 done, sadly)…
            …anyway, all this to say: possibilities are endless, so just enjoy it whenever you can~ ♥

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