Keep a Pole Diary

I’m always afraid the things I learn in pole dancing class will be gone the second I wake up the next morning. Be it due to exhaustion or just simple forgetfulness. I may not be able to record a video of every combo and move I learn, but I ALWAYS keep my journal and a pen next to my water bottle. After class, I’ll sit aside and jot down notes.

Here are two pages from my first journal. I keep it dated to remember what I practiced and when. On the right is a combo I learned from Nadia Sharif. She told me to drop into a teddy from a Jade hold. Tons of fun! 

Years later, the information has proved to be invaluable. Before a routine, I can read through my book and discover old moves that I can work into my story and combos I forgotten. And most of all, reading through my journal makes me smile because I can reminisce over memorable classes and fun times with my friends. <3 Need a journal? I designed a few PDA ones in my shop! You can choose from lined or non-lined (for you artists out there.)

11 thoughts on “Keep a Pole Diary

    • It took me a few tries to get comfortable drawing poses, too. 🙂 Especially if I had to draw fast enough while the teacher was talking. It’s always quick… just a few lines so I can understand how the body wraps around the pole. 🙂

  1. I did this in color guard and martial arts. It takes me so long to physically memorize something but it’s much faster if I write it down. I don’t think drawing figures would help me though.

  2. I’ve been wanting to start a pole journal, since I seem to forget moves so easily, and my dancing becomes repetitive!
    How do you tell which is front and back with your stick figures? Is there a way that you indicate movement if the move is complex?
    I find that, when I’m trying to describe something in words to myself, it takes me a long time, and a lot of words! I’d like something quicker and easier, that I can understand at a glance (like, y’know, pictures!)

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