Knee Hang-on-for-your-life!

15 thoughts on “Knee Hang-on-for-your-life!

  1. That was one of the easiest moves to me, but I have the counscious that I am an exception, because the great part of my friends feel a terrible pain while doing it, and enormous fear of falling down! Hope you get it soon, because it is so much fun 🙂
    Love your blog!

  2. i literally love this , i was like the right one the first time , then my teacher said to me “omg seriously , you are 13! youu are not supposed to have fear , i mean you wont break anything , they have to fear because they are older than you , but look at you you are still young ,you dont know how much i did love to be your agen and being practicing pole dance “
    so since that i can get it .
    i did love to win the pole dancing adventures giftbasket ! really , seriously !!!

  3. It took me a while, but I have it down. For me it was the pain and not sticking my hips out. Sticking your hips out reduces the pain on your lower knee. As for thigh high boots? Most times they can work against you. They will just decide not to stick. Or they stretch. In my case, they started tearing after 15 minutes on the pole. It’s better and really safer to rely on your own skin.

    You’ll get this!

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