Let’s Play Hardball


Sore muscles comes with the territory of pole dancing and sometimes this method is a good quick fix when not near a foam roller. But of course, if your needs are severe, it’s best to visit a licensed professional! I’m all for affordable ways to help the body — this is one of them. 🙂

4 thoughts on “Let’s Play Hardball

  1. Hm… Good idea. I’ve been using door frames and knobs and various furniture as improvised massage tool for places I can’t reach. But this is better. Ain’t got any old stockings lying around, but a substitute should be easy enough to find. I should still have some knee-long socks that I haven’t worn in about two decades.

  2. I did just forget that stockings are the word for those kind of socks as well, didn’t I. Yeah, not a native speaker here. XD

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