Lines, Shapes and Sizes


My number one pole related frustration is when people who are interested in pole dancing back away because they feel that they don’t “look right.”

This comic is for you. You are welcome anytime you’re ready to get over your fears! (Guys, too.)

21 thoughts on “Lines, Shapes and Sizes

  1. YES! YES! Love this one! =) I had so much fun in my first pole dancing class; we had big girls, tall girls, medium girls — ALL SHAPES! — and we had a blast! We all laughed when we couldn’t do some of the moves, but in the end it was just so inspiring to be in a room full of people who decided to pursue something that would make them feel better about themselves. <3

    Thanks, Leen!
    You’re such an inspiration! <3 <3


  2. This is a good one! I really love your blog and especially this one.:D

    Personally, I’ve never had this problem myself(I’ve been skinny all my life, sometimes a bit too skinny), but I had hard time trying to get my friends to try pole dance. “I’d really love to, but I can’t because my tummy is too big and my legs are too fat!” “Nooo I can’t, my legs are way too ugly for pole dancing!” They were so supprised and excited when I told them that pole dance actually isn’t only for fit and skinny people. Our class has short, tall, big, small and skinny people. For god’s sake, it’s a sport, not a beauty contest! Just have fun, no matter what your body shape is 😀
    (And yes, in the end they tried it and started taking classes too!)

  3. See I’ve never had a problem with my size. Size is not my problem.
    I have bad body scars from bad acne in my teenage years and wearing anything that might show that is out of the question really. I get comments like “… woah” and “Gross” from people (even guys I’ve dated).
    While all people are lovely despite size, bad skin is pretty universally not seen as attractive.
    So… unless I could dance in a t-shirt? Or stop caring about what people think about my entire back and shoulders, dancing doesn’t seem like something I could do.

  4. @VBrodie- you so can dance in tshirts. When I first went to the studio I went in full on exercise gear. Lol. It was totally fine. No one looked at me crazy and it was where I was at in my comfort zone. As time as gone by and you choose to do try harder trick you can pull up your tank on the side you need exposed skin. Please dont let those scars stop you. Pole will empower you and you will one day be strutting in your pole bottoms and tops!!!

  5. This is my favorite comic of yours because it reminds me to never limit myself and that my body is an amazing thing! Thanks for the inspiration!

  6. This is definitely my favorite comic! It is sooooo true! When I took my first class, that was what shocked me and at the same time motivated me the most! Everyone can pole dance! 🙂

  7. Absolute favourite. I look at this whenever I feel a bit meh and need reminded that pole is for everyone, even me!

  8. This is my favorite comic… it’s one of the first I knew from your site and is the one that encouraged me to take pole classes 😉

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