Manicure Problems

15 thoughts on “Manicure Problems

  1. This speaks to my soul. XD I have given up on any polish on my feet and I rarely even do the hands.
    Once I took nail-damaging to a whole knew level as I legit popped off an entire toenail during a split, due to crappy peeling parquet.

      • Yeah it was a little bit. But it’s all better now, and since my sister is studying to be a beautician she now keeps my feet in check so toenails are never long enough to risk peeling off, so there’s a happy ending 🙂

    • Omg the struggle is too real! ? I discovered some magical nail polish tho! It’s called miracle gel, you can get it at cvs. It’s like gel polish without the uv light. My toe polish lasted a whole two weeks before chipping! Whereas my professional pedicure chips within the same day ???

  2. I started using Jamberry about a year ago and I’ve found they hold up really well for pole, silks, lyra etc. Only once have I lost one during class, but it was about 2 weeks in so they were due to come off anyway. Give them a try 🙂

  3. Gel polish (with UV) lasts through it all but is harsh on you nails. Sally Hanson is making polish now (I think it’s called Complete Salon) that doesn’t require UV light and lasts better than regular but not as well as Gel; I think it’s the best choice.

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