Monkey Business Part 2

Remember when we were children and we just didn’t care what anyone thought of us? We were able to wear what we wanted, play pretend and just let our imagination roam free. What happened to that? 🙂

Some of us don’t post videos or photos or any evidence of our pole dancing life to protect our careers and reputation. Some of us just don’t care. Where do you stand?

7 thoughts on “Monkey Business Part 2

  1. I have no problem with sharing photos and so on. I am happy to show my friends, family and readers on my blog what I have achieved during my pole lessons, and all the sweet comments on my pictures just gets me even more motivated to become better! 🙂

  2. I remember asking my mom how she would feel if I posted pole pictures on Facebook; she said that she couldn’t wait to see them! I got such great responses from friends and family. . . it really set me free! I post the good, the bad, and the ugly of my pole life to Facebook and have become part of this great community of polers!

  3. I found a way to do both. Due to my job and my field of work, i choose to not advertise my pole passion. I created a blog and have a facebook page which all my close friends and family are subscribed to. Many of my co workers (and my boss) are aware of my hobbie.
    I don’t hide what I do. I just choose not advertise it. It’s a balance that works quite well for me.

  4. I asked my daughter(6) what she thought, and she said that she wants to be clever and pretty like daddy. Just what a guy wants to hear Lol. She loves to play, and likes to take photos for me, so I really don’t get a choice! Its funny because pole is fine with her, but she lectures Mum that HER dancing is too embarrassing for facebook. 🙂

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