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Foxy Kleen is such a fun product. I enjoyed that their variety of smells range from your favorite sweet treats to herbal scents. There is definitely something for everyone. Their formulas come from natural ingredients and leaves absolutely no residue on your equipment. Imagine taking that extra step in your routine to make sure your equipment clean, fresh and enjoyable throughout your entire workout.

Foxy Kleen™ is easy to use too. Just spray it on any piece of fitness equipment or into a microfiber cloth and wipe clean. When going on wet, the alcohol scent is detectable. After it dries, your equipment is clean and you’re left with a pleasant aroma that lingers. I love it!

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3 thoughts on “PDA Reviews: Foxy Kleen!

  1. hahaha, I wish they had scented cleaners around here… I haven’t really looked, but never found any… ):
    Then again, I’m used to the smell of alcohol -I’m used to far worse, since I used to help my father fix his car when I was little (we never really had money for a brand new car, so he bought second-hand and then fixed what was down… he briefly also had a motorcycle, I loved it *3*)…
    …okay I got off-tangent. Still, some smells that are foul to most people are actually kinda nice for me… (paint, acquaragia, car oil, wood lacquer…)
    am I weird?

    • LOL! How funny that you’re used to those scents! I definitely can’t be around paint fumes without getting a headache. Foxy Kleen is available online. I was tentative at first, but after the alcohol dries, you don’t detect it at all. It’s nice to unroll a yoga mat that smells sweet and yummy! <3

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