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Finding the right costume to wear is tough for a pole dancer… Bodybinds and Pole Dancing Adventures is proud to work together on this incredible giveaway! Enter for a chance to win this custom designed harness from the comic! If you’ve never heard of bodybinds, where have you been? This fun, elastic outfit doesn’t get in the way of a pole dancer’s routine but creates interesting lines and shapes when you dance.

This contest is open to everyone, everywhere! Visit everyday for multiple chances to win!

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Can’t wait for the results and want to shop now? Use these special promo codes at the Bodybinds online store for a special discount!

PDA5: Spend $50 or more, get $5 off.
PDA10: Spend $100 or more, get $10 off.
PDA15: Spend $150 or more, get $15 off.
They expire on 4/1 at midnight PST.

Bodybinds Store: www.bodybinds.com
Facebook: www.facebook/com/bodybinds
Twitter: www.twitter.com/bodybinds
Instagram: bodybinds
Pinterest: bodybinds
Sizing: The elastic is very stretchy so one size looks great on most! Hip strap stretches to 40″ Thigh straps stretch to 30″ Butt straps stretch to 10.5″
Turnaround time: This custom harness may take up to a month to ship to ensure that it will have the perfect fit for the winner.

79 thoughts on “PDA x BodyBinds Harness Giveaway!

  1. I look for something that is practical and doesn’t get in the way while I twirl and trick but looks good and adds to the performance 🙂 Sparkles preferable 😉

    I <3 bodybinds

  2. When selecting the perfect pole dancing costume/outfit I look for comfort & security, I need to ensure I feel confident in the outfit to help me feel confident while pole dancing.
    I tend to choose random colours, bright colours, that others are less likely to choose, in order to be more eye-catching. 🙂

  3. I usually modify or sew my own costumes, and always try to go for exciting color combinations, fun fabrics, and details like sequins or rhinestones, as well as the perfect fit so that there are no accidental costume slips on stage:)

  4. I look for something sexy that still leaves me feeling covered and confident. bonus points if it’s vinyl, has glitter or is studded. just because you’re 1/2 naked doesn’t mean you can’t look fierce!

  5. Sparkles, bows, and cuteness! Plus anything to wrangle in my 30ffs! It was a great experiment of trail and error when I first started pole-ing (I flashed my class… a lot.) finding something they held me without compromising on skin+pole contact.

  6. What do you look for when selecting the perfect pole dancing costume/outfit?

    I look for something unique that is very connected to the overall emotion/feel/attitude of the piece.

  7. When selecting a perfect pole dance costume I look for something that will stay on comfortably, something that complements my coloring, and something that sparkles!

  8. Depending on the performance, I may look for something shocking and eye catching, or something smooth and sensual. It really depends upon the overall vibe. It must have glitter though!

  9. I look for something sexy and fun, but won’t get in the way of where I need to stick to the pole. Costumes should be exciting and add to the performance, but not too busy so that they detract from it 🙂

  10. I look for something eye catching, a little bit different, the right amount of skin bare and the right amount of boob/crotch coverage! I love to customise outfits too 🙂

  11. The perfect outfit needs to be comfortable and of course good looking. It should fit me and of course it is very important that it stays in its place 😉

  12. I look for minimal coverage, and something that will not create any potential slippage issues. I prefer my stomach mostly bare, as opposed to one piece monokinis that cover the navel. And something that stays in place throughout an entire dance, without needing to be adjusted.

  13. I look for something that fits the music and/or theme of the routine, and I try to make my costumes as flattering to my figure as possible (color AND style-wise).

  14. When looking for ideas for a costume, I usually try to link my song to my costume. Like I’ll take a lyrical passage from my song that I really enjoy and try to base my costume on that lyrical passage. Or if my song is based on some sort of character, I’ll make my costume similar to something that character would wear, but with a sassy twist 😉

  15. Love it! I look for something that is comfortable but secure (heaven forbid having to dance while feeling all awkward or worrying about a costume malfunction) and affords lots of grip. 😀

  16. I look for something edgy, showing enough skin and sexy. But not too much, in the end it’s about the dancing and the performance. The costume should augment that.

  17. When I look for a pole outfit, coverage and staying power are very important. You don’t want something to move and flash things that aren’t supposed to be seen. Secondary to that is the way it flatters my body. Frills and sparkles are nice, but if it’s not flattering then I’d rather not have it.

  18. I usually come up with a theme first, then look for an outfit that matches my theme. I don’t like to dance while worrying about whether the costume will move around or fall, so I try to find something that moves well with me… and sparkles!

  19. These are so awesome, love how they look great alone or over almost any outfit! And PDA is hilarious, so many “oh my god that’s me!” moments 🙂

  20. My outfit has to be theatrical, preferably dark, and I love to show off my tattoos, so an open upper back is a must have. ^_^ As well as as much stomach grip available as possible.

  21. I would love something like this for the next show i have… When I perform i want that the audience can feel what the music is expresing, what im feeling… And that freedom you can have flying 5mts above the floor.

  22. The perfect pole dancing costume to me would be something colourful & pretty, with enough skin to grip but enough coverage so it’s not too revealing! Love body binds!!

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