Pole Dancer Attack!


I always put a sweet expression on when people get in my face about how “strange,” “inappropriate,” or “wrong” pole dancing is. I’ll just calmly explain how incredible it is! (And really? There are people who still don’t get it? I’m sure pole has been around long enough by now…)

I drew this comic for my mini art book: Eros which features many of my sketches and paintings over the years. I thought it’d be a nice time to share it online. <3 As for the book, I only have a few copies left! It’s available in the store along with other PDA prints! 

7 thoughts on “Pole Dancer Attack!

  1. OMG, Leen! This is so perfect for everything that I’ve been thinking about, and some discussions that have been going on in the community. I made a video that was re-tweeted by United Pole Artists this morning about the stigma we face, and stripping vs. Pole dancing. You can check it out here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PbsWmU_tLRo

    I will also say that I’ve encountered women who want to learn it but they still think it’s trashy or dirty. Even though most of my friends have been supportive of my dancing, I encourage all of my friends to try-it’s so beautiful and the community is so wonderful I can’t see why they wouldn’t benefit from it, somewhow <3

  2. I’ve only ever had one person react in a horrible way when they’ve found out I do pole dancing. Everyone has generally been so supportive, interested or even expressed jealousy at my abs (which I totally tell them if they pole they could have them too!)
    The one person who was horrible to me said something like “Well I guess you have a fall back plan if law school doesn’t work out….”
    uhm okay?

  3. I love it! People are generally cool about it, but there is a wink and nod quality to it. In the end, I think even those who condescend secretly feel like it’s pretty cool but they are too intimidated to try it, therefore they put it down. You must admit, there really isn’t anything cooler than pole dancing.

  4. Yes! I can totally relate to this. People are always making rude comments about my pole dancing and I’m like ‘Have you ever seen a proper pole dance?’ I then send them some youtube clips of Bendy Kate or Jenyne Butterfly that usually brings them around.

  5. This picture totally defines what I’m thinking right now. My dad and my boyfriend are really cool about me doing pole and they actually see it as an acrobatic workout, but just right now my sister’s boyfriend was making fun of me because I say pole dancing is a sport and he said he wouldn’t let her daughter do it, and like him I have two more guy friends that think the same, that really pisses me off.

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