Bird of Fail

pole dancing bird of paradise pose

The “Bird of Paradise” pose is crazy! This is a tricky pole dancing move that requires a high level of flexibility and pain tolerance! I believe I saw it from Marlo Fisken a few years ago and I was so impressed by the shape of it. Anyone working on this or hoping to land this, or nah?

5 thoughts on “Bird of Fail

  1. Not even close to achieve this pole move, but as a note to this pic: I have been told that in bird of paradise “you need lift your hands and wrap your leg with arm pits opened”. Not closed as in this pic (get what I mean?) But I really enjoy this idea, that you could position your hands differently (must try!)

  2. Ooh I’ve never seen this before! I’m not quite that flexible, but I can I think see a minor variation that would still be pretty cool. And maybe someday on the flexibility!

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