Pole Dancing Bloopers?

I’ll spare you the real video and draw it for you instead. ๐Ÿ˜‰ No one wants to see me REALLY pick a “wedgie.”
If I had a dog, I wouldn’t have this problem. Cats can be so irritating. It’s still a mystery why a good number of pole dancers tend to be (crazy) cat ladies… ย Hmm…


10 thoughts on “Pole Dancing Bloopers?

  1. My dogs have knocked off my camera before. It’s not just cats. I’ve kicked them all (three wonderful mutts) in the head at some point or another too. Plus, they always seem to be in the way.

    One of my dogs doesn’t care to move, even with coaxing. I once stepped over him about 20 times going around the pole before he decided it wasn’t where he wanted to be anymore.

  2. Yeah, it’s not easy with dogs either ๐Ÿ˜€ Mine loves also to chase me around the pole, with his little piggy toy in his mouth, while I’m spinning. He isn’t even a puppy anymore!

  3. recorded pole handstands this weekend and had to shoo the dogs out of the way a couple times, caught myself adjusting my shorts, and thought of this comic the entire time :-p
    It’s all so true!

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