Pole Dancing Vs Zombies

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Okay, so I’m jumping the gun here. Halloween isn’t for another 3 weeks! I can’t help it. However, I really do say this to people! Halloween, or not!

It’s one of my fun responses to people who are annoying me about me hobby. Hey, I POLE DANCE BECAUSE I LOVE IT! Isn’t that enough? So, I figure if I’ve already made poor life decisions in their eyes, I may as well weird them out further. >:P

YES, feel free to share it with your friends. But DON’T CROP my info off the image. Thanks!

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21 thoughts on “Pole Dancing Vs Zombies

  1. This is actually the reason that my friend and I always cite! I am fascinated by the zombie apocalypse AND pole =) love your stuff! Found you when I was working on my superman and totally related!

  2. The safest place to be in a zombie appocolypse would be the pole studio, because (in theory) everyone there would be able to climb up and you wouldn’t have to worry about trying to save people 🙂

  3. Thanks god! I’m “zombie attack” phobic, but now I know that I will be saved by my pole dancing!!! (no joke, I’m really kinemortophobic xD)So thanks you Leen Isabel!

  4. I just did a show last Saturday in which my character was a zombie go-godancer. The theme of the show was “Love: falling in it, hating on it, sharing it…”. There were 7 of us. We had one practice. Almost all of the dancers were in pretty, flowy costumes. I choose a “hate” song, Tainted Love. I was going to wear black faux leather w/ a whip. Turns out our dear choreographer, gave that option to another dancer. Then I choose dark pink & black. No, because the choreo was all in pink. I ended up in neon green & black w/ neon green boots. Saw myself on camera, did not look remotely dark, mean or in pain. (Sorry so long).

    A few days before it came to me: go full zombie. From the make-up, blood, down to my walk and adjusting body parts! My pretty, flowy dancemates were shocked that I could dare to be not pretty. (rolls eyes):-)

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