PoleCon Presents: 10 Ways the Community Supports You!

Ready to take your pole dancing to the next level? Want to make new friends, meet your favorite pole idol and learn from instructors from around the globe all in one place? Then get your tickets to the International Pole Convention!

The International Pole Convention (PoleCon), celebrates the diversity of the pole dance/pole fitness community. Come to learn, share and grow with men and women of all shapes, sizes, ages, ethnicities and fitness levels then stay for the community. #poleconisforeveryone

Tickets are still available! Visit the website at http://www.poleconvention.com/

#PoleCon2017 will be in Atlanta, Georgia June 1-4th!

2 thoughts on “PoleCon Presents: 10 Ways the Community Supports You!

  1. i stopped by to say hi and a huge thank you for all the support you give to all of us. it is a really beautiful work what you are doing, it helps me to remind myself about my (so easy to forget) strengh, both physical and vital. sometimes it helps me to create strengh too, when i’m just unable to find it.
    i’m grateful for your company!

  2. I’m a dancer that’s currently broadening her horizons into more styles of dance, particularly belly and pole dancing. Both communities seem to be so body and age positive, all I have received is encouragement and I’m really excited to explore these new dance styles. Love your blog!

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