Recording Fail

Recording Pole Dancing Fail

Don’t you HATE it when this happens? You run that sweet, sweet combo, you’re tired and you find out your camera cut out halfway through?! LAME!
So then, you get a friend to record you, you run it again, but you find that you’re too exhausted that it’s just not worth it.
That’s pole life, friends.


This comic features PDA fan and Kickstarter backer, Kelly Anita! You rock! She was one of my amazing Titanic level pledgers.
Her favorite studio is Brass Bombshells, in Burlington, Ontario, Canada.
Kelly shares a short bio: “I love watching reruns of The Adventures of Lois & Clark, and The Magic School Bus. I love turtles, and fluffy puppies, reading on the beach and hanging out with friends and loved ones. I work as a CAD monkey (computer aided-design) by day, and a pole dance instructor by night. I recently had knee surgery for a torn meniscus, though I like to joke that it was replaced with a bionic implant :p.”

Wishing you well on your pole journey, Kelly! The butterfly photo I drew from one of her photos. She has phenomenal lines, you guys! <3

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