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About the company
Polesilks® was inspired by stumbling across a You Tube video in December 2010 and I liked the collaboration of Silks/Fabric and Pole, Sharing this with my boyfriend Pete an engineer over the next 12 months he developed a unit known as Polesilks® here in the UK.

This was tested to meet safety standards and conformity required for Public Liability Insurance.

Who would have ever dreamed that the art of Pole could be more fun or look more beautiful?

Poleplus® Ltd is an innovative company dedicated to providing quality products and services.

Ensuring high standards with professional collaborative partners that the end user benefits from.

Poleplus®Ltd endorses a green sustainability whilst supporting local economy.
Legendary Team

Want to see it in action?
I did a photoshoot a few months ago with my dear friend, A.A. Jones!

3 thoughts on “Review: Polesilks!

  1. Polesilks DIDN’T create this. The original metal gadget for attaching silks to your pole was created by Caterina Gennaro and called Pole Aria, it was around long before Polesilks – the owner of this company took a class with Caterina then copied her invention.

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