Rite of Passage: Pole Grip

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Mayyyyyve it’s just me, but did anyone else feel a sense of pride when they finished their first bottle of pole grip? I instantly knew there were so many hours of successful practices  behind me. I knew that every time I lent the bottle to a friend in class, it was a relationship strengthened. Or if it was a passing classmate, it was for a moment, someone you were proud of. That one bottle holds so many memories and accomplishments. So when you’re ready to open a new one, it makes you wonder how many more milestones are ahead.

One thought on “Rite of Passage: Pole Grip

  1. Lol at first glance I thought this was a “when you realize your favorite grip is classified as a cancer causing agent in California and you think meh, but it makes me dance better”! This is the story of my favorite grip. Lol.

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