Russian Split Fail


Thank you to Naga from Japan! He has been a supporter of PDA for many years and I’m thrilled that he decided to be a Titanic supporter for the Kickstarter last year. He is a positive representative for pole dancing in Japan. He has great strength and flexibility and was titled the oldest male pole dancer in Japan!


Featured here are photos from Naga with his close friends as “Team Naga” to promote pole dancing as an acrobatic & gymnastic dance form.  The team was also authorized to perform by the Metropolitan Tokyo government! (They are shown using the X-Stage by X-Pole!)

He shares a variety of photos of pole dancing in a public space, at a playground or even near the office! Naga continues to be a wonderful inspiration to me. 🙂 Thank you! <3

(And yes, he has a great aerial Russian Split! I’m still the bottom like in the comic. -_^)

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  1. > Kurt   I ordered to make this product to local metalworking factory in Japan. so not selling in the shop.

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